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Tragic Murder of Class VIII Student Sends Shockwaves through Community

In a horrifying incident that has left the community in shock, a 14-year-old class VIII student, Bijay Roy, was found strangled to death and discarded in a pond in Krishnagar town. The perpetrators of this brutal act were three of Bijay's classmates, all studying in class X.

The police investigation revealed that the accused teenagers had asked Bijay about his last wish and even offered him Rasgolla and cold drinks before killing him. Authorities have arrested the three culprits and are conducting further investigations to uncover the full details of the murder.

The tragic events began when Bijay left his home to buy biscuits on Friday evening. As the night progressed without his return, his mother became increasingly worried and eventually filed a complaint at the Kotwali police station around 1 am. Soon after, the family received a ransom demand of 3 lakh rupees via an anonymous phone call, prompting them to report the matter to the police.

The police were able to trace the call back to three teenagers from the same area who were studying in class X. During intense interrogation, the suspects confessed to luring Bijay into their plan, offering him food and drinks before carrying out the heinous act of strangling him to death. They then disposed of his body in the pond at Hijuli.

Shockingly, the motive behind the murder was the accused teenagers' desire for funds to buy computers and laptops for their gaming endeavors. It remains unclear why they chose to take Bijay's life instead of attempting to extract the ransom they initially demanded.

The police have taken the accused teenagers into custody and have recovered Bijay's body from the pond. The cause of death has been determined to be strangulation. The community is shaken by this incident, and the police are working diligently to uncover the underlying reasons behind this horrifying murder plot.

Source: The Times of India