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Twitch Launches Discoverability Feed Experiment

Twitch has begun testing its Discoverability Feed feature with a select group of users. The Discoverability Feed is a scrollable feed within the Twitch app that displays a personalized mix of clips. This feature aims to give streamers another avenue to reach their followers when they are not live streaming.

The Discoverability Feed is similar to the stories feature found on other social media platforms, where content lasts for 24 hours and appears on the mobile app. Twitch is currently using this experimental phase to refine its algorithms and enhance the overall user experience. The company is actively seeking feedback and suggestions from the community before a wider rollout of the feature.

During the testing phase, the Discoverability Feed will initially focus on horizontal clips but will eventually include vertical clips as the feed evolves. Twitch will also be testing both popular and featured clips before transitioning to exclusively featured clips. The aim is to personalize the feed over time, providing users with more tailored content.

This experiment comes after Twitch's efforts to rebuild trust and support its users, including streamers and viewers. The platform has been through a challenging period and is now focusing on innovative ways to enhance user experience.

In related news, there has been a rise in AI-powered streams on Twitch, showcasing unique and interactive content. One notable example is a stream where viewers can chat with an AI representation of Jesus.

– Twitch Support [Twitter]