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Underrated Gems in the Gaming World

For every successful game, there always seems to be another that goes unnoticed. While some games may fail due to poor marketing or timing, there are other reasons why certain gems never receive the attention they deserve. Final Fantasy VII, considered by many as the pinnacle of RPGs, often overshadows other titles in the franchise. Games that are exclusive to lesser-known systems also face a struggle in gaining recognition.

Sometimes, games initially receive love and attention, only to be forgotten when the next big thing comes along. However, some underrated titles eventually find their audience as fans realize their value. Games like Wind Waker, Okami, and System Shock 2 were initially overlooked but have since become cult classics.

However, not all underrated games find the recognition they deserve. Despite being masterpieces, they remain largely forgotten.

Final Fantasy is a series that sparks endless debate among fans. While FFVII often takes the top spot, there are fans who hold other entries in high regard. FFIX, for example, has seen a resurgence in popularity and is now considered one of the best. However, FFXII is rarely discussed with the same admiration, despite its beautifully crafted world and gameplay.

One of the bold decisions in FFXII was to eliminate random encounters, giving players more freedom in exploration. The game also addressed the issue of grinding, which has been a flaw in the series. Additionally, FFXII introduced new summoning creatures, deviating from the franchise's reliance on nostalgia. The gambit system, governing the actions of AI-controlled teammates, is intuitive and efficient.

With the recent release of The Zodiac Age remaster on various platforms, now is the perfect time to revisit Final Fantasy XII and discover its underrated brilliance.