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UNEVN Revolutionizes Professional Gaming with “BASE” Portable Gaming Setup

UNEVN, a Finnish gaming company, has recently introduced a groundbreaking gaming setup called “BASE,” which offers unparalleled portability and user-accessibility. Designed with esports gamers in mind, UNEVN aims to address the specific needs and challenges of this niche market.

The brainchild of brothers Aleksi and Santeri Rinkinen, along with renowned DOTA 2 player Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, UNEVN draws inspiration from its founders and their deep understanding of the esports industry. Their goal is to provide gamers with an innovative platform that caters to their unique requirements.

One of the major challenges faced by professional e-athletes is the lack of ergonomic tournament setups. UNEVN has tackled this problem by developing the BASE gaming setup, which prioritizes smooth gaming performance. Portable and easy to transport, BASE is compatible with various components, allowing players to optimize their performance and focus on what matters most.

The BASE gaming setup offers a revolutionary solution for gamers who frequently shift locations for tournaments and boot camps. Designed to eliminate the hassle of transporting gaming setups, BASE enables players to take their complete gaming setup wherever they go. This feature is particularly beneficial for esports gamers, who often need to travel to different places for competitions and training.

In addition to its portability, BASE also solves the challenge of organizing boot camps. With limited space and time, setting up equipment can be a daunting task. However, BASE's compact size and quick assembly make it ideal for small apartments and tight spaces. By minimizing setup time and space requirements, BASE facilitates the development of players' and teams' skills during boot camps.

While no hands-on reviews of BASE are currently available, UNEVN's promotional material showcases the product's foldable mechanism. This allows the setup to be integrated into a compact size, while keeping the internal components intact. The design also includes a dedicated stand for the gaming monitor, ensuring a convenient and optimized gaming experience.

At this stage, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of UNEVN's portable BASE gaming setup without professional reviews. However, the concept presented by the company shows great promise. With the growing popularity of esports gaming, UNEVN has the potential to make significant strides in the industry if it delivers on its promises.

To purchase UNEVN's BASE portable setup, it is available on the company's website with different configurations and prices. The base model without pre-assembled components is priced at €1.290,00, while the fully equipped option, featuring high-performance components and an Alienware gaming monitor, costs around €4.149,00.

Source: UNEVN