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Unlock Redcap and His Swag in Fortnite with Refer A Friend 3.0

In Fortnite, players have an exciting opportunity to unlock Redcap and his assortment of swag through Refer A Friend 3.0. Thanks to leaker iFireMonkey, the tasks required to obtain these goodies have already been unveiled. To secure Redcap's accessories, including an exclusive Spray featuring Redcap mid-karate chop and the fantastic Shiitake Slasher Pickaxe, players need to complete specific challenges with their friends.

The challenges include creating a connection with a friend, playing a match together, ranking in the Top 10 six times, eliminating 45 enemies, and gaining 50 levels together. It's a collaborative effort that requires teamwork and coordination. Once all the accessories have been unlocked, players will gain free access to Redcap himself.

Many fans have eagerly awaited this set, as some of the cosmetics were leaked beforehand. However, there's no need to rush, as Redcap will still be available even after the current Fortnite season comes to an end. Refer A Friend 3.0 is expected to last for nearly three months, concluding on January 9, 2024.

This provides players with ample time to complete the challenges and collect all the items associated with Redcap. So gather your friends, embark on this exciting adventure, and unlock the exclusive Redcap and his amazing swag in Fortnite.

– iFireMonkey (Twitter)
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