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Unreleased Genesis Version of Wacky Races Now Available for Free

Julian Scott, the developer behind Space Pants Games, has recently released the unreleased Genesis/Mega Drive version of Wacky Races on the platform, and it's available for free. The game was originally developed for publisher Virgin Entertainment but was never published due to rights issues with the property.

Wacky Races was a popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon from 1968 that followed a vehicular race between various cartoon teams. The main character, Dick Dastardly, and his sidekick Muttley, would try to cheat their way to victory by sabotaging and setting traps for other racers. However, their plans would always backfire, causing them to lose.

The Genesis version of Wacky Races was reportedly developed by Eden Software in 1993. While a version of the game had been circulating on the internet since 2020, this is the first time it has been made available on a marketplace like Although the legality of the release is questionable, Scott is offering the game for free.

The gameplay of the Genesis version of Wacky Races features a polygonal 3D track, similar to Race Drivin', though flatter. It runs smoothly on the console, especially if players use the bottom screen for radar. However, the draw distance is quite short. Despite some limitations, the graphics and gameplay are impressive for a licensed game of that era.

One drawback of the game is that players cannot choose to play as Dick Dastardly. Additionally, the steering controls are not optimal, and the graphics can be a bit difficult to read. However, there is a battle mode available, and players can even enjoy multiplayer functionality.

If you're interested in experiencing the unreleased Genesis version of Wacky Races, head over to and download it for free. Keep in mind that you may need to troubleshoot and run the game on your own.

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