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Upcoming Patch for League of Legends Revealed by Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that a new patch, Patch 13.19, is on the way for League of Legends. This update comes as Riot prepares for the upcoming World Championships in 2023. The patch will include adjustments to almost every Champion, aiming to balance the gameplay. In addition to these adjustments, Riot Games will also be adding a significant amount of content, bug fixes, and more, in order to address issues that were observed during the Pro season in Summer.

One of the changes that will be implemented in Patch 13.19 is an update to the minimum Mac OS requirement. Players will need to have Mac OS 10.13.6 or higher in order to continue playing League of Legends. This change will affect a small number of players, approximately 300 in total. These players will need to update their operating systems before the patch is released.

Ranked Solo/Duo is known to have the highest rate of disruptive behavior, so Riot Games is introducing changes to address this issue. They want to create a more relaxed version of League of Legends for players who feel pressure in the ranked environment, while also implementing penalties that are difficult to avoid by switching accounts. Penalties for disruptive behavior will now include ranked restrictions, preventing players from participating in ranked game modes until they clear these restrictions. However, players will be able to remove their ranked restrictions by playing five games in non-ranked modes, such as Blind Pick, Draft Pick, ARAM, and Rotating Game Modes.

To improve the player experience and reduce toxicity, Riot Games is making adjustments to the ping system in League of Legends. From now on, ally pings will only be visible to the player who made the ping. This change aims to prevent the abuse of pinging teammate information for non-constructive reasons. Certain pings, such as pinging information about yourself or pinging enemy and neutral information, will still be visible to the entire team.

In terms of accessibility, Riot Games is introducing Champion Sound Notifications. These callouts will provide visual notifications for key champion abilities, allowing players to spot these abilities even if they are playing without audio or are engaged in a intense battle. Players can enable this feature in the game settings menu.

Overall, Patch 13.19 brings a range of updates and improvements to League of Legends, addressing various aspects of the game including balancing, behavior, and accessibility. Players can expect a more enjoyable and fair gaming experience with these changes.

– Riot Games (Website)