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Update 40 for The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces The Endless Archive and More

The highly anticipated Update 40 for The Elder Scrolls Online is set to bring exciting new features and improvements to the game. The ESO team recently provided more details about the update, including a detailed look into the Endless Archive dungeon. Update 40 is scheduled to be released on October 30th for PC/Mac players, and on November 14th for console players.

The focal point of the update is the Endless Archive, a challenging dungeon set within the halls of Apocrypha. Players will face a malevolent Daedra that threatens to corrupt the entire archive. Master Malkhest, the custodian of the Endless Archive, seeks the players' assistance in putting an end to this threat.

The Endless Archive can be completed solo or with a partner or companion. The dungeon can be accessed through the map, or through a physical entrance in Apocrypha for those who own the Necrom chapter. Importantly, the Endless Archive is available to all players free of charge, and does not require any DLC or chapter purchases.

Within the Endless Archive, players will progress through multiple stages, each with unique monsters, dangers, and boss encounters from different parts of the world of Nirn. It is worth noting that the stages and encounters are randomly generated, ensuring a unique experience each time. Players will face a new, unique monster every fifth boss encounter, adding an exciting element to the dungeon.

Completing stages and cycles will reward players with temporary or lasting boons, along with a special currency called Archival Fortunes. This currency can be exchanged with vendors in the archive for consumables, class set items, style pages, and special buffs for future runs. Expect a wide range of new and exclusive rewards within the Endless Archive.

Update 40 also includes several major improvements, such as a new group finder and Grandmaster crafting stations. The group finder makes it easier for players to find others to team up with, while the crafting stations allow for crafting with all available skills on a single furnishing. Additionally, the update introduces standardization in quest rewards, making them more consistent based on quest type, source, and difficulty. Daily rewards for the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and Undaunted will also receive a boost.

Overall, Update 40 brings a wealth of new content and improvements to The Elder Scrolls Online, promising players an exciting and enhanced gaming experience. Be sure to check out the PTR release on September 18th for a closer look at the update.

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