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Updated Version of Beyond Good & Evil Possibly Coming to PS5

An updated version of Ubisoft's popular PS2 era platformer Beyond Good & Evil could be making its way to the PS5. A listing for a 20th Anniversary Edition has been discovered on the US ratings board website, the ESRB. While Ubisoft has not officially announced the game, it is unusual for classifications like this to appear erroneously.

The original Beyond Good & Evil game was released in 2003 and later ported to the PS3 in 2011. Despite a sequel being announced years ago, it has seemingly struggled to progress, with the departure of series creator Michel Ancel from Ubisoft in 2020. While there have been no official cancellations, it seems unlikely that the sequel will see the light of day.

The ESRB description of the 20th Anniversary Edition mentions that players assume the role of a reporter accompanied by a pig-like companion as they investigate a conspiracy on the planet of Hillys. Players can expect third-person exploration of fantasy locations, photography of evidence, puzzle-solving, and battles against robot and alien enemies.

While the ESRB description does not mention any changes or improvements to the game, it is likely that this version will run at 60 frames-per-second in 4K on the PS5. Since the PS5 is not backwards compatible with the PS3, this updated version may be a way for Ubisoft to make the game available on the PS Store. Overall, fans should not expect significant changes or tweaks to the original game.

– ESRB listing of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition.