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Valorant Fans Express Discontent with Battle Pass Cosmetics

Valorant fans have voiced their dissatisfaction with the battle pass cosmetics, describing them as “leftover scraps” compared to cosmetics in other popular games like Overwatch, Fortnite, and Apex. The community argues that the battle pass should include higher-tier gun skins with animations, similar to what is offered in other games.

Since the launch of Valorant, the game has introduced numerous cosmetics to enhance the player's arsenal. These cosmetics can be obtained through the battle pass, in-game shop, or the night market. Despite the wide variety of skins available, players are disappointed with the battle pass cosmetics specifically.

A Reddit thread started by user ‘I_Feel_Freeeee' on August 27 gained traction as they criticized the battle pass, stating that players mainly purchase it for Radianite Points rather than for the cosmetic offerings. They suggested that instead of adding “leftover scraps,” the developers should include high-tier gun skins with animations at the end of the battle pass.

Several other players joined the discussion, expressing similar sentiments. One player even claimed that Valorant has the worst battle pass among all the games they have played, while praising other games like Apex.

However, some players defended the current state of the battle pass, arguing that its purpose is not to provide extravagant skins. They believe that the battle pass is designed to entice players to spend money on other skin lines. According to these players, the intention is to offer more elaborate and desirable cosmetics for purchase.

The upcoming battle pass, set for release with Episode 7 Act 2 on August 29, is anticipated to bring improvements based on feedback from the community.

In conclusion, Valorant fans have expressed their desire for better battle pass cosmetics, criticizing the current offerings as “leftover scraps.” They advocate for high-tier gun skins with animations, similar to those seen in other popular games. While some players argue that the purpose of the battle pass is to incentivize spending on additional cosmetics, the community's feedback has prompted the developers to make improvements for the upcoming battle pass.

– ‘I_Feel_Freeeee' on Reddit