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Valve Celebrates 20 Years of Steam with Free Downloads and Discounts

To mark the 20th anniversary of Steam, developer Valve is showing appreciation to its players by offering free downloads and discounts on the platform. Steam, the leading PC gaming platform, was launched on September 12, 2003, with the aim of connecting game developers with their audience and making it easier for players to discover new games. Over the years, Valve has continuously added features, tools, and integrated user feedback to evolve Steam into what it is today.

Valve's spokesperson, Kaci Aitchison, expressed gratitude to the gamers, publishers, and developers who have contributed to Steam's success. In a lighthearted video message, Aitchison thanked the community for their feedback, emphasizing how it has helped shape and improve the platform.

As part of the anniversary celebration, players can visit the Steam Points shop, where they can typically use the in-store currency they have earned to purchase various profile enhancements, such as backgrounds, avatars, emotes, and stickers. Additionally, the shop is offering special free downloads to commemorate the occasion.

Furthermore, a themed Steam sale has been launched, featuring discounts on notable games throughout Steam's history. Included in the sale are popular titles like Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Terraria, Call of Duty, Portal, Elite Dangerous, and Assassin's Creed, among others. The sale also showcases milestones in Steam's evolution, such as the introduction of the Steam Awards, Steam refunds, and Steam Next Fest.

To fully immerse in the celebration, players can explore the best free games currently available on Steam. The platform offers a wide selection of high-quality games that can be enjoyed without any cost. Additionally, players can look forward to upcoming games in 2023 and beyond to anticipate what they will be playing next.

Valve's 20th anniversary celebration is not only a time for reflection on Steam's growth but also a show of appreciation for the community that has supported the platform. Through free downloads and discounted games, players can enjoy the festivities while looking forward to the exciting future of PC gaming on Steam.

– Steam: A PC gaming platform developed by Valve that allows players to purchase, download, and play games.
– Valve: The developer and publisher of Steam and various video games.

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