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Valve Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Steam with Special Badges

Valve is commemorating the 20th anniversary of some of Steam's oldest user accounts by granting them exclusive digital badges that feature the original Steam color scheme. Steam, the largest digital PC gaming storefront worldwide, was launched in September 2003.

The badges, which evoke nostalgia in players, utilize the original Steam UI color scheme, according to IGN. Many users reminisced about the early days when “Counter-Strike” attracted players to the platform, and astonishingly, some of these early accounts are still active today.

Over the years, Valve has continued to enhance Steam, and most recently, they ventured into hardware development with the creation of the Steam Deck. This handheld gaming device gives players the ability to enjoy their Steam library on the go.

In January, Steam achieved a significant milestone by reaching 10 million players actively engaged in playing games on the platform simultaneously. Polygon reports that some of the most popular games on Steam include Valve's “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” which boasts around one million daily players, as well as “Dota 2,” “PUBG: Battlegrounds” from Tencent Holdings, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” from Activision Blizzard, “Lost Ark” from, “FIFA 23” from Electronic Arts, and Respawn's “Apex Legends.”

Valve's celebration of the 20th anniversary of Steam's oldest accounts with special badges serves as a reminder of the platform's evolution and influence on the gaming industry over the past two decades.

Image credits: Casimiro PT on Shutterstock.

– Polygon