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Valve Sets 64-Tick Rate for CS2, Affecting Third-Party Servers

Valve, the developer of CS2, has reportedly hardcoded a 64-tick rate to the game, according to dataminer and SteamDB founder Pavel Djundik. This change has implications for third-party servers like FACEIT, as they will be unable to run on the preferred 128-tick rate until Valve reverts the setting.

In addition to the tick rate change, Valve also removed the custom commands “cl_interp ratio” and “cl_interp” in a recent patch. These commands were believed to reduce lag spikes but turned out to be nothing more than a placebo effect.

The debate over 64-tick rate versus 128-tick rate has been ongoing for years in the CS:GO community. Many players have turned to third-party matchmaking services like FACEIT, which offer the higher tick rate, as they believe it enhances gameplay. However, Valve's official servers continue to run on the lower tick rate.

After FACEIT introduced CS2 servers with a 128-tick rate, professional players were quick to praise the improved experience. They reported that shots connected more reliably and movement felt smoother compared to Valve's matchmaking servers.

While some members of the community are upset with Valve for hardcoding the 64-tick rate to CS2, the developers have valid reasons for doing so. As the game is still in beta, Valve needs accurate feedback to address and fix issues. Using custom rates or playing on a different tick rate hampers the ability to identify and solve problems effectively.

Valve's decision also serves to consolidate the player base by reducing the use of third-party services like FACEIT. By limiting the availability of 128-tick rate servers, Valve encourages players to focus on CS2 Premier, which is in their best interest.

It remains to be seen whether Valve will reconsider their decision and allow third-party servers to use the higher tick rate. In the meantime, players will have to adapt to the new setting and explore alternative means to enhance their CS2 experience.

– Pavel Djundik (SteamDB founder)
– Leonardo Biazzi, CS:GO lead staff writer at Dot Esports