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Virtex to Host Virtual Watch Party for Valorant Champions

Software developer Virtex has partnered with Riot Games to host a virtual watch party for the playoff stage of Valorant Champions. Fans of the esports tournament will now have the opportunity to experience the LAN experience in more detail from the comfort of their own homes.

Using virtual reality headsets or their computer's desktop monitors, viewers will be able to gather with other Valorant Champions fans in an online stadium and watch matches. The virtual watch party will start on August 16 and continue until the tournament's end on August 26.

According to a press release, the experience will offer “a whole new level of immersion” and simultaneous streams, allowing fans to cheer and react to plays in real time. The product is currently in its closed beta phase, and fans can request access to the app for free on Steam.

Virtex sees this partnership with Riot Games as a playtest for their software. CEO and Co-Founder of Virtex, Tim McGuinness, expressed their hope to bring more games and competitions in the future, as they believe Virtex can transform the way fans watch and enjoy online competitions together.

In addition to Valorant Champions, Virtex's website teases the possibility of virtual watch parties for CS:GO in the future. Early concept videos also showcase the potential for Valve esports.

For esports fans who are unable to attend the Valorant Champions tournament in Los Angeles, Virtex offers another alternative to watch the action alongside like-minded viewers.