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Warning About Starfield Spoilers and Review Bombing

Starfield preloads have gone live, signaling the imminent release of the highly anticipated game. However, this also means that spoilers are starting to appear online from individuals who have somehow obtained early access. There are already warnings circulating on various Starfield-related social media accounts, cautioning fans to stay vigilant. It is alleged that the entire narrative of the game has already been leaked. Thus, fans are advised to avoid the #Starfield tab on Reddit and other platforms to prevent stumbling upon spoilers.

In addition to the spoiler threat, there is speculation that Starfield might be subjected to “review bombing” upon its launch on Metacritic in early September. This tactic has been previously observed with games like Halo Infinite and Calico. It involves users submitting a large number of negative reviews in an attempt to manipulate the user score. However, it is important to note that this does not affect the overall critical score of the game.

As fans anxiously await the release of Starfield, it is crucial to exercise caution while browsing related content over the coming weeks. Pure Xbox will refrain from sharing any spoilers unless specifically stated otherwise. Let us know in the comments if you have any advice for avoiding Starfield spoilers.