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Warzone 2 July 24 Update: M4 Assault Rifle Nerfed, Players Confused

The Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded update, which was released on July 12, brought significant changes to the game's meta. The ISO 45 received a significant nerf, causing previously dominant guns to lose their popularity. This created an opportunity for Handguns like the Basilisk and X13 Auto to become the most popular weapons in the game.

However, the Warzone 2 July 24 update brought another wave of balancing changes, leaving players confused. The developers decided to nerf the M4 Assault Rifle by reducing its upper and lower torso damage multiplier. This decision has received criticism from the community, as many players felt that the M4 was not one of the problematic weapons that needed adjustment.

Some players expressed their frustration, stating that the M4 should not have been nerfed while other overpowered weapons remained untouched. There are concerns that the nerf has made the M4 and other Assault Rifles like the TAQ-56 very difficult to use, especially at longer ranges.

It's unclear why the developers chose to nerf the M4 instead of addressing other weapons that are considered truly overpowered in Warzone 2. Some speculate that the goal may have been to encourage players to use different guns and spend more on skins and seasonal weaponry.

Only time will tell if the M4 will remain in its current state. If its popularity continues to decline, it wouldn't be surprising to see it receive a buff in the future. The next major update, Warzone 2 Season 5, is expected to introduce further changes to the game's meta.

In the meantime, players can learn how to unlock the new MX Guardian Shotgun and explore the Daily Login Reward system.