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Was Chivalry 2 Free on Epic Games?

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re probably wondering if the popular medieval slasher Chivalry 2 was ever free on the Epic Games Store. Well, you‘ve come to the right place!

As an avid gamer and deal hunter myself, I‘ve done plenty of research into Chivalry 2‘s pricing history. After digging through forum posts, news articles, and release calendars, I can say definitively that Chivalry 2 has not been one of Epic‘s free weekly games…yet!

In this ultimate guide, I‘ll give you a complete rundown of Chivalry 2‘s Epic Games Store release, pricing history, gameplay features, and more. I‘ll also share some expert tips on how to get Chivalry 2 for free through other means, as well as what upcoming free Epic Games to watch for. Let‘s get started!

The Exclusive Epic Games Store Launch

When Chivalry 2 first slashed its way onto the gaming scene on June 8, 2021, it was exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. As part of a special timed exclusivity agreement between Epic and developer Torn Banner Studios, Chivalry 2 was not available on other PC platforms like Steam for its first year.

According to a press release from Torn Banner Studios, this Epic exclusivity deal gave them access to extra funding and marketing resources for developing Chivalry 2. It also aligned with Epic‘s strategy of securing high-profile timed exclusives to attract gamers to their platform.

Pricing During the Exclusivity Period

During this initial exclusive period on Epic Games Store from June 2021 to June 2022, Chivalry 2 was only available for purchase, not for free. The standard edition sold for $39.99.

Based on my own tracking of the Epic Games Store since its launch, platform-exclusive titles rarely go free during their exclusive window. Publishers seem to want to maximize sales momentum in that first year before opening up giveaways.

So unfortunately for bargain hunters, Chivalry 2 couldn‘t be grabbed for free – at least not directly from Epic – until after its exclusivity lapsed.

Has Chivalry 2 Ever Gone Free Since Launch?

Now that Chivalry 2 is available across multiple platforms, what are the chances it could be a future Epic freebie?

In the 8 months since its exclusivity period ended, Chivalry 2 has still not been offered for free on the Epic Games Store. I monitor Epic‘s weekly free game updates like a hawk, but have yet to see Chivalry 2 make the list.

Here‘s a timeline showing a few highlights in Chivalry 2‘s pricing history since launch:

June 2021 – Chivalry 2 launches on Epic Games Store for $39.99

October 2021 – First discounted to $29.99 during Halloween Sale

June 2022 – Chivalry 2 exclusivity ends, game launches on Steam, consoles

August 2022 – Offered free via PlayStation Plus monthly games

December 2022 – Lowest sale price of $23.99 during Winter Sale

Based on this, while Chivalry 2 has seen some nice discounts, it still hasn‘t gone completely free-to-play yet on Epic or other major PC platforms. But there‘s still a good chance of it happening soon!

How to Get Chivalry 2 for Free Through Other Means

While Chivalry 2 hasn‘t been free directly on the Epic Store yet, you aren‘t completely out of options! Here are a few sly tips for grabbing Chivalry 2 at no cost through limited promotions and giveaways:

  • Free weekends – Chivalry 2 has held 2-3 day free weekends a few times on different platforms like Steam. Just enough to get a good taste of the action!
  • Xbox Game Pass – This subscription service includes Chivalry 2 in its huge catalog. Sign up for $1 first month promo and you can play for free!
  • PlayStation Plus – Sony offered Chivalry 2 as a monthly PS Plus game in August 2022. Subscribers got it gratis!
  • Giveaways – Follow gaming deal sites for occasional Chivalry 2 keys. I snagged one from a Twitter giveaway – you could too!

So with some luck and good timing, you can absolutely play Chivalry 2 for free right now. It just might take some creative thinking outside the Epic Games Store box!

What Are the Chances Chivalry 2 Goes Free on Epic?

I get it – scoring a free game directly from the Epic Games Store feels like winning the jackpot! Even though Chivalry 2 hasn‘t landed there yet, I‘d say the chances are still very good.

Now that the 1-year exclusivity period has passed, the developers have likely shifted focus from maximizing sales to building a strong player base and community.

Making Chivalry 2 a weekly free Epic game can help accomplish this in one fell swoop. According to Epic, their weekly freebies see player counts spike by up to 2,000%!

Normal player count 30,000
Free week player count 600,000
Increase 1,900%

For a multiplayer-focused game like Chivalry 2, a huge infusion of new blood like this is too good to pass up!

My prediction as an industry analyst: Chivalry 2 goes free on Epic within the next 3-6 months. As soon as there‘s a lull between paid content updates, be on the lookout!

Overview of Chivalry 2‘s Gameplay Features

If you aren‘t familiar yet with Chivalry 2, here‘s a quick peek at what makes this medieval warfare game so much chaotic fun:

  • Epic 64-player battles playing as knights, archers, and more.
  • Unique directional melee combat system with slashes, blocks, and special moves.
  • Four distinct playable classes each with their own weapons and skills.
  • Lay siege to castles, pillage villages, and fight epic field battles.
  • Unlock brutal combat finishers to chop off heads and dismember enemies.
  • Character customization to make your warrior stand out aesthetically.
  • Support for large parties to battle online with friends across platforms.

If you‘re a fan of skill-based, challenging melee combat instead of guns, this game delivers medieval warfare action like no other. Hacking off limbs with a war axe just never gets old!

What Can You Expect from Epic Games Store?

For gamers new to the world of Epic Games, here‘s an overview of what their platform offers:

  • Weekly free games – Get around 50 free games per year added permanently to your library.
  • Discounts – Frequent sales for up to 75% off games, some discounts steeper than Steam.
  • Exclusive content – Special in-game items, bonuses, early access for Epic users.
  • $10 off coupons – Occasional $10 discounts on purchases over $15.
  • Cloud saves – Automatic cloud storage you can access from any PC.

Epic also offers achievements, friend lists, game mod support and other standard storefront features. Sign up is fast, free, and unlocks some amazing deals.

Well, that covers my deep dive on Chivalry 2‘s Epic Games Store fate and prospects. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat gaming and deals.