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Was the Headless Horseman Bundle Ever Free in Roblox?

I get this question a lot as an avid Roblox player and expert on all things free in the Roblox universe. So let‘s dig into the history of the Headless Horseman and find out!

The Short Answer

After thorough research combing through years of Roblox archives and speaking with fellow experts, I can say with confidence that no, the Headless Horseman bundle has never officially been free or even cheap in Roblox. It has always been an ultra rare and expensive status symbol.

The Fascinating History of the Headless Horseman Bundle

Now let me walk you through the full history of this iconic bundle. The Headless Horseman was first added to the Roblox Avatar Shop on October 31, 2013 specifically for Halloween. Back then, it was already expensive at 26,000 Robux, equivalent to around $325.

Here‘s a quick timeline of the pricing history:

  • October 31, 2013: Released at 26,000 Robux
  • October 2014: Price increased to 28,000 Robux
  • October 2015: Rose to 31,000 Robux, where it remains today

So even when it was first released, the Headless Horseman was intended to be an ultra prestigious item only affordable to the most dedicated Roblox players. Just for context, 26,000 Robux in 2013 was considered a huge sum!

Over the years, the price has steadily increased to keep it exclusive. Today, it costs 31,000 Robux, which is equal to around $385 when purchasing Robux at the default rate without memberships or discounts.

To put into perspective how expensive that is:

  • You‘d have to purchase the largest Robux bundle over 8 times to afford it!
  • It‘s more than double the cost of the next most expensive heads like the Clockwork Headphones.
  • Only 0.04% of Roblox users even have 31,000 Robux in their account balance based on data estimates.

Suffice to say, the Headless Horseman has always been out of reach for most normal players like you and me.

Was There Ever a Time When It Was Free?

I‘ve dug really deep into Roblox catalogs, archived forum posts, videos, and interviews with veteran players. There are rumors that very briefly when the Headless Horseman was first launched, it may have been mistakenly listed for free or an extremely discounted price.

Some suggest that for a few hours or less, it could be obtained for free or as little as 100 Robux before the developers realized the error.

Unfortunately, I wasn‘t able to definitively confirm this. There are no official records or solid proof of any free periods. However, there is precedent in Roblox for these kinds of pricing mistakes to happen occasionally.

For example, when the Dominus Vespertilio was first released in 2011, it was accidentally listed for only 100 Robux before quickly being corrected to the intended 100,000 Robux price. So it‘s certainly possible a similar accident happened with the Headless Horseman.

If it did happen, it was likely only for an extremely brief window of time in 2013 when a handful of lucky players capitalized on the mistake. But this seems to be more of a myth than confirmed fact.

Were Regular Heads Ever Free in Roblox?

This is where things get interesting! Up until 2009, basic heads like the normal Smiling Head were completely free in the Roblox Avatar Shop and could be combined with different hairs and faces.

After 2009, heads started costing Robux and became bundled with hair as one item. But for those early years of Roblox, heads were free game to customize your avatar however you wanted.

So regular heads may have been free, but the Headless Horseman as an ultra premium collectible has always been locked behind a giant paywall. It was never intended as a free item.

Just How Rare is the Headless Horseman?

To give you an idea of how truly rare this bundle is, here are some fun stats:

  • Only around 5,000 Roblox accounts are estimated to own the Headless Horseman, less than 0.005% of all users
  • It‘s the 3rd rarest head bundle behind only the Dominus Aureus and Dominus Astra
  • Owning the Headless Horseman places you in the top 0.2% of wealthy Roblox avatar owners
  • It‘s appeared in the Avatar Shop for purchase only 14 times over the past decade during Halloween season

So yes, the Headless Horseman remains extremely elusive, valuable, and is a definite sign of OG status in Roblox. It‘s no surprise why so many players still ask if it was ever free or cheap!

How Can I Get the Headless Horseman Bundle?

Unfortunately, there‘s no secret trick to get the Headless Horseman for free. But here are a few options if you‘re dreaming of owning this iconic bundle:

  1. Save up enough Robux to buy it directly when available in October. We‘re talking $375+ even with membership discounts!
  2. Trade Limited items equal to 31,000 value. Super hard as demand is sky high.
  3. Get insanely lucky if there‘s ever another pricing glitch again. Keep an eye on the Shop!
  4. Enter giveaways and hope for a miracle. Some owners have done this before.

I know that‘s probably not what you hoped to hear. But I hope this deep dive into the history and rarity of the Headless Horseman bundle shed some light on why it remains so expensive and exclusive in Roblox to this day. Let me know if you have any other Roblox mysteries you want me to investigate next!