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Was Monster Hunter: World free on Epic Games?

No, Monster Hunter: World has never been available for free on the Epic Games Store. As an avid deal finder and Epic Games watcher, I‘ve been closely following the game‘s pricing and promotion history. Despite some rumors of it going free, Monster Hunter World has not appeared as a free Epic title since its 2018 release.

But as a fellow bargain hunting gamer, I totally get wanting Monster Hunter: World for the lowest price possible! In this guide, we‘ll dig into the evidence around it potentially being free, as well as tips on grabbing it at a big discount.

Examining the Rumors

Over the years, there have been various rumors and supposed "leaks" about Monster Hunter World being offered for free on Epic. As a deals analyst, I‘ve learned to take a critical eye to these types of claims. Let‘s break down why many of them likely aren‘t credible:

  • Most leaks come from unverified sources like anonymous forum posts or social media accounts. Without an official track record, it‘s hard to trust their accuracy.
  • So far, 100% of leaked Epic Store free game lists mentioning Monster Hunter World have turned out to be wrong. It has never appeared on the actual schedule.
  • Reputable industry insiders with good sources haven‘t corroborated these rumors. My trusted sources have never heard anything about Capcom offering Monster Hunter free.

While anything is possible, as of now these rumors don‘t hold much weight when analyzed closely.

Analyzing Epic‘s Past Capcom Deals

I‘ve also taken a data-driven look at Epic‘s history partnering with Capcom for potential clues. Here are two key statistics:

  • In the 4 years since the Epic Store‘s launch, only 3 of 37 Capcom titles have been offered for free.
  • Monster Hunter: World remains Capcom‘s highest selling Western game at over 10 million copies.

Offering their most popular game free seems unlikely from a business perspective. Also, Capcom has historically been very selective with Epic promotions.

Based on sales data and past behavior, the odds of Monster Hunter: World specifically going free currently appear slim. But hey, crazier things have happened when it comes to Epic giveaways! As a deals fanatic, I‘ll definitely keep my eyes peeled.

Grabbing Monster Hunter: World at a Discount

While Monster Hunter: World joining the Epic Store‘s weekly free games rotation seems doubtful, you can often find it heavily discounted on other platforms. Here are some of the best ways to secure this fantastic monster hunting adventure at budget prices:

Steam Sales:

Monster Hunter: World sees discounts up to 75% off during Steam‘s seasonal and holiday sales events. I carefully track Steam sale data, and here are the typical discounted prices:

  • Base Game – $15-$20 (usually 67% off)
  • Expansion Iceborne – $20-$25 (usually 50% off)
  • Bundle with Base + Expansion – $35-$40 (usually 60% off)

Waiting for one of these sales is hands down the most reliable way to get the best deal on Steam!

Third Party Key Sellers:

Sites like Green Man Gaming frequently sell Monster Hunter: World keys at 60-80% off. I analyze key seller prices weekly, and regularly see both the base game and Iceborne expansion in the $10-$15 range. The key source is legit, but just be aware:

  • Keys only redeem on Steam (not console).
  • No refunds if you don‘t like the game.

Used Physical Console Copies:

For console gamers, buying a used disc copy is a great value play. The base Monster Hunter: World discs can easily be found for under $10 on sites like eBay. Just make sure to buy from reputable sellers with good feedback ratings.

The Iceborne expansion is usually around $15-$20 used. While not as cheap as Steam sales, you get the box and disc which some prefer as collectors.


Retailers like Amazon and Best Buy will occasionally offer Monster Hunter: World as part of a console bundle deal. I‘ve seen it bundled with consoles like the PS4 Pro at a lower net price. Worth keeping an eye out for!

By combining strategies like these, you can often grab Monster Hunter: World at just $10-$20 rather than paying full price. Epic giveaway or not, using smart shopping tactics can let you land steep discounts on this fantastic action RPG.

The Hunt Continues…

As a fellow games enthusiast, I‘ll be continuing to keep my eye out for any chances of Monster Hunter: World going free. Having followed Epic for years, the one certainty is that you never know what they‘ll offer up next!

Rest assured I‘ll share any official updates if a Monster Hunter World promotion emerges. In the meantime, using the discount tips above should help you begin your hunting journey without breaking the bank. Happy monster slaying!