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Wētā Establishes New Division for 2D and 3D Art Tools

Nearly two years after being acquired by Unity, VFX company Wētā has established a new department called Wētā Tools. This division specializes in developing high-end tools for creating digital characters. The importance of character creation technology in animation-heavy industries is well-known, with Epic Games and its Unreal Engine dominating the space in the gaming industry.

Given that artists often transition between games, movies, and TV, having a range of large-scale creation tools is highly beneficial. Unity emphasized in a press release that Wētā's technology can be used in any design language, including games. Additionally, Wētā Tools is said to streamline post-production workflows, allowing for more detailed art in projects and reducing repetitive tasks.

Natalya Tatarchuk, Vice President of Wētā Tools, expressed the company's intention to make these powerful solutions available to everyone. The aim is to accelerate creative workflows, enable seamless implementation of creative changes, and deliver high-quality final shots. Tatarchuk stated that Wētā is excited to showcase groundbreaking work in character creation, environment building, rendering, and compositing.

Furthermore, more information about Wētā Tools will be unveiled during the SIGGRAPH 2023 keynote, taking place on August 7th.