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What 2K23 comes with 100000 VC?

If you‘re looking to get a head start with Virtual Currency (VC) in NBA 2K23, the Michael Jordan and Championship Editions of the game include 100,000 VC. This gives you a huge boost right out of the gate.

How Much VC Do the Other NBA 2K23 Editions Include?

For comparison, here is the starting VC included with each edition of NBA 2K23:

  • Standard Edition – 5,000 VC
  • Cross-Gen Digital Bundle – 10,000 VC
  • WNBA Edition – 10,000 VC
  • Michael Jordan Edition – 100,000 VC
  • Championship Edition – 100,000 VC

As you can see, the Michael Jordan and Championship Editions give you a massive 90-95,000 VC more than the other versions. This is a huge leg up.

Just How Much Can You Upgrade Your MyPlayer with 100K VC?

As a fellow NBA 2K enthusiast, I‘m sure you know the grind it takes to earn VC and upgrade your MyPlayer. From my own experience, here is a rough estimate of how far 100,000 VC would upgrade a brand new MyPlayer:

  • Take your three-point shooting from 60 to 85 overall
  • Raise your layups and dunks from 50 to 80 overall
  • Improve ball handling ratings from 55 to 75 overall
  • Boost steals, blocks and interior defense to 70 overall
  • Increase physical traits like speed and vertical into the high 70s

As you can see, 100K VC allows you to transform a 60 overall rookie into a well-rounded player with elite ratings in the key categories. What an advantage!

Michael Jordan Edition Also Includes 10K MyTEAM Points

On top of the 100K VC, the Michael Jordan Edition also gives you a boost in MyTEAM mode with 10,000 MyTEAM points.

From my experience, 10K points is enough to open 20-25 card packs in MyTEAM. That should give you 6-10 solid starter cards to build your fantasy team around, including at least 1 sapphire tier player.

Animations, Clothing and Accessories

Once you‘ve allocated VC into the most vital attribute upgrades, you‘ll still have plenty left over for cosmetic upgrades like:

  • Multiple top-tier dunk animation packages
  • A game-changing jump shot animation
  • The freshest kicks and threads
  • Backpacks, wristbands, chains and more swag

Looking, feeling and playing like a superstar does great things for your confidence and performance on the virtual court. So don‘t overlook the importance of style!

Tips for Allocating 100K VC Wisely

To maximize the impact of your 100K VC in NBA 2K23, I recommend focusing first on upgrading the attributes that most directly contribute to your MyPlayer‘s build and position.

For example, as a point guard you‘d want to prioritize playmaking, ball handling and passing ratings early on. As a big man, focus on finishing at the rim, rebounding and interior defense.

Save the more luxury upgrades like fancy hats and boots until after your key basketball ratings are in the 80s. Just my two cents!

What‘s the Best Way to Earn Extra VC in NBA 2K23?

While 100K VC gives you an amazing head start, you‘ll eventually need more to reach the maximum 99 overall rating. Here are some tips for earning VC efficiently:

  • Play full 5 minute quarter NBA games in Play Now or MyNBA. You can expect to earn 900-1,100 VC per game.
  • In MyCareer, play on Hall of Fame difficulty to maximize VC rewards. You can earn 1,200+ VC per game.
  • Get standard or premium endorsement deals in MyCareer. They reward thousands of VC for objectives.
  • Enter Ante-Up wagers or play daily Spin the Wheel for bonus VC prizes.
  • Sell unwanted MyTEAM player cards at the Auction House for VC profit.

With smart grinding, you can optimistically earn over 5,000 VC per hour of play time. Not too shabby!

Is Buying VC Worth the Cost?

Of course you can always buy VC with real money to accelerate your progress. But is it truly worth it? Here are some purchase options to consider:

VC Amount Cost (US Dollars)
200,000 VC $49.99
450,000 VC $99.99

As you can see, purchasing 450K VC would essentially double your initial 100K for $99.99. Whether or not saving those hours of grinding is worth the cost is ultimately your call!

In Summary

If you‘re looking to get a big leg up in NBA 2K23, go with the Michael Jordan or Championship Edition for their included 100,000 VC.

Invest those VC wisely to maximize your attributes, shore up weaknesses, and own the court with authority right from the jump. Then keep grinding to take your player into the stratosphere. Trust the process and have fun out there!