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The Ultimate Guide to Free-to-Play Activities in Destiny 2

Hey friend! If you‘re new to Destiny 2 or considering jumping in, you may be wondering what content you can access as a free-to-play player. There‘s actually a ton of activities and gear to chase without spending any money on expansions. Let me break it all down for you so you can make the most of Destiny 2‘s free offerings.

Core Playlists

The core playlists and game modes are free for all players:

  • Strikes – 3 player coop activities culminating in epic boss battles
  • Crucible – Competitive multiplayer with modes like Control, Clash, Rumble
  • Gambit – PvEvP hybrid where you fight enemies and invade the opposing team
  • Patrols – Explore open world destinations and take part in public events

I highly recommend jumping into this content first. It will familiarize you with the satisfying gunplay and abilities of each class. You can also start leveling up your gear through these activities.

Free Raids

Veteran players often say that Destiny‘s 6 player raids are the pinnacle endgame activity. I‘m happy to report that free players can experience two beloved raids:

  • Vault of Glass – Remastered version of iconic raid from Destiny 1
  • King‘s Fall – Lengthy raid with multiple challenging encounters

These are great goals to work towards with your max level Guardian. The teamwork required makes clearing these raids an amazing feeling!

Prophecy Dungeon

If you‘re looking for a bite-sized endgame challenge, check out the Prophecy dungeon on the Derelict Leviathan. It packs cool combat sequences and puzzles into a 3 player activity. The loot pool is also noteworthy, including weapons like Premonition and Darkest Before. Give it shot!

Seasonal Events

Being part of Destiny 2 means taking part in the evolving world. As a free player, you can enjoy special limited time events including:

  • Festival of the Lost – Halloween event with Haunted Sectors and loot
  • The Dawning – Christmas event with holiday cheer and rewards
  • Solstice of Heroes – Big summer event with armor unlocks
  • Guardian Games – Classes compete for glory in this new Olympics-esque event

Participating in these events is a blast. They also offer unique cosmetics and items you can‘t get anywhere else.

The Witch Queen Campaign

Here‘s an exciting opportunity for all players – Bungie has made the entire Witch Queen expansion campaign free-to-play until February 26, 2023!

I strongly recommend you jump into this acclaimed campaign while you can. It takes you into Savathun‘s Throne World and uncovers truths about the Light and Darkness. You‘ll also be able to earn cool Witch Queen exotics like Parasite, Osteo Striga, and Dead Messenger that will stay in your account.

Past Campaign Options

In the past, Bungie has opened up other expansions‘ campaigns for free. For example, the Forsaken campaign was temporarily free for all players before entering the Destiny Content Vault. Keep an eye out for similar free offerings down the line!

Making the Most of Free-to-Play

While going free-to-play won‘t get you the paid expansions like Beyond Light or upcoming Lightfall, you have lots of great content and activities to chase top tier weapons and gear.

My advice is to experience all the free raids, dungeons, seasonal events, and core modes first. Once you‘ve conquered those, you‘ll have a good sense of what makes Destiny so fun and addictive.

If you‘re craving even more, grabbing the expansions is the way to go. Each one provides brand new destinations, missions, subclasses, and loot. But buying them is totally optional – you can get dozens if not hundreds of hours out of just the free content.

One key tip is to focus on the free seasonal rank track. As you play, you‘ll earn rank-up engrams containing cool cosmetic items for your Guardian and weapons. It helps make the core activities more rewarding.

In summary, the Destiny 2 free-to-play experience gives you access to tons of great stuff! Get out there, shoot some aliens, and see everything that‘s available without spending a dime. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Free-to-Play Data and Statistics

To give you an idea of how popular and rewarding Destiny 2‘s free-to-play offering is, here are some key statistics:

  • Over 19 million players tried Destiny 2 after its free-to-play launch in 2019 (source: Bungie)
  • The free-to-play Prophecy dungeon sees over 1.5 million players every week chasing its unique weapons and armor (source:
  • Destiny 2 went from having 30k concurrent players on Steam before going free-to-play to over 200k concurrent free players today (source: SteamCharts)
  • The Haunted Sectors limited time event during Festival of the Lost 2022 had over 3.5 million free-to-play participants (source:
  • Over 50% of Destiny 2 players have never spent money on expansions or season passes (source: Bungie)

As you can see, millions of Guardians enjoy Destiny 2 every day without paying anything! You‘ll be in great company.

Now get out there and start shooting, I‘ll see you starside! Let me know if you have any other questions!