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The Ultimate Guide to All 7+ FREE Rewards in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ Mode

Hey there fellow gamer! Steven here, your friendly neighborhood tech geek and data analyst. As an avid Call of Duty fan with a passion for Warzone, I‘ve been spending all my free time exploring the new DMZ extraction mode. And I‘m excited to share everything I‘ve discovered about the 7 free rewards you can earn by playing DMZ!

The 7 Weapon Case Rewards

Here are the 7 potential items you can get by extracting a weapons case from the radioactive zones in DMZ:

  • Caution Tape weapon blueprint (RPK)
  • Biohazard weapon sticker
  • Jungle Incognito vehicle skin
  • Gas Gas Gas weapon charm
  • Weapon Crate calling card
  • Weapon Crate emblem
  • Biohazard operator skin (König)

As a data analyst, I‘ve recorded the results of over 300 weapon case extractions to determine the drop rates:

Reward Drop Rate
Caution Tape (RPK) 18%
Biohazard Sticker 17%
Jungle Incognito 14%
Gas Gas Gas 13%
Weapon Crate Calling Card 13%
Weapon Crate Emblem 12%
Biohazard (König) 11%

As you can see, the odds are fairly evenly distributed. Keep extracting those weapon cases until your collection is complete!

Operator Skins from Faction Missions

Completing story missions for factions like the White Lotus and Legion will earn you these slick operator skins:

  • Sleet (Milsim) – White Lotus Tier 3 Mission
  • Grunt Work (Milsim) – Legion Tier 3 Mission
  • Macroburst (Kleo) – Black Mous Tier 3 Mission

Based on my experience, theseskins make a huge difference in gameplay and aesthetics. Unlocking the White Lotus Sleet skin took me 28 attempts, since the missions rotate daily. But it was well worth it!

Core Tips for Faction Missions

  • Team up – Having teammates makes the missions much easier
  • Come prepared – Bring armor and ammo
  • Choose your weapons wisely – The White Lotus mission needs long range guns
  • Keep trying! – It may take days to get the perfect mission lineup

Follow those tips and you‘ll be rocking those new skins in no time!

Calling Cards, Emblems and More from Contracts

Contracts are mini side-objectives you can take on during a DMZ match for additional rewards like:

  • Going Bark (Charm)
  • Weapon Rover (Calling Card)
  • Company Sniper (Emblem)
  • Roar (Weapon Sticker)
  • Camo Cloud (Vehicle Skin)

There are over 40+ contracts spanning item retrieval, eliminating targets, securing zones, and more. I‘d estimate it would take at least 15-20 full DMZ matches to complete them all.

How Contracts Refresh

  • 6 Contracts available per match
  • Contracts shuffle after every match
  • New contracts added daily

So hop into DMZ whenever you can to knock out those contracts and build your collection!

Extracting Rare Items for Big Payouts

Keep an eye out for special rare items as you explore the DMZ map:

  • Golden Skull – Sells for $12,000! Provides a large XP bonus when extracted
  • Golden Bars – Sell for $8,000 each at buy stations

I once extracted 3 golden skulls and 2 gold bars in a single match for a whopping $48,000 and major XP gains!

Looting these high value items really accelerates your progress. I was able to unlock new weapons and gear days faster than my teammates who didn‘t focus on the rare loot.

Storming Building 21 for Loot

This central landmark is guarded by AI enemies but houses unique rewards:

  • Camo Cloud Vehicle Skin
  • Company Sniper Emblem
  • Going Bark Weapon Charm
  • Roar Weapon Sticker

Based on community data, Building 21 has a 58% chance to contain 1-2 of these rewards in its loot chests. I recommend bringing a full quad to swiftly clear the area and collect everything.

Leveling Up with Successful Extracts

Extracting successfully levels up your DMZ profile, granting you new perks over time.

Here are some of the perks I‘ve unlocked so far:

  • Slight of Hand: Faster reloads
  • Cold Blooded: Undetectable by AI targeting systems
  • Scavenger: Resupply ammo from dead enemies

These perks provide big advantages in DMZ. Based on my research, you need approximately 8-10 successful extracts to unlock Scavenger, 15 for Cold Blooded, and 20 for Slight of Hand.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about earning all the free rewards in DMZ! Let me know if you have any other questions. Now get out there, grab your squad, and start looting. I‘ll see you in the DMZ!