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What Are Fortnite Players Disliking in Season 4?

In every season of Fortnite, there are bound to be aspects that players dislike. Whether it's related to the Battle Pass, NPCs, or gameplay changes, there are various reasons why players may voice their frustration or dislike towards certain elements of the game.

Recently, a Reddit user sparked a discussion by expressing their personal dislike for the size of the Points of Interest (POIs) in Season 4. This prompted other players to join in and share their own grievances.

One player mentioned that they missed having more NPCs available to hire with their in-game gold. These NPCs could be a valuable asset in the Battle Royale mode, providing assistance and support. The reduction in the number of NPCs could potentially change the dynamic of the gameplay.

Another player expressed their frustration at getting killed by a hired NPC, emphasizing that while NPCs are beneficial to have on your team, being defeated by one can be a blow to one's ego.

Some players also found the new POIs confusing to navigate, especially when combined with the music that plays in these areas. This made it difficult for them to focus on the sounds created by actual players. While some players thrive in chaotic environments, many rely heavily on sound cues rather than visual indicators. Fortunately, enabling the Visual Audio feature in the game settings can provide assistance in these situations.

It's important to note that with each update, players may encounter things they dislike, but these aspects can sometimes be adjusted in the settings or even removed in subsequent updates. Additionally, there are times when some players fail to notice any significant changes at all.

Overall, the dislikes in Fortnite Season 4 revolve around the size of the POIs, the availability of NPCs, and the challenges faced when navigating new locations with added audio elements. While these dislikes may be subjective, they highlight areas where players feel the game could be improved.

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