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What DLC is free in AC Valhalla?

Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla has several pieces of free DLC available, including new story content, end-game challenges, seasonal festivals, and quality of life improvements. Major free additions include the A Fated Encounter and The Last Chapter story quests, the Tombs of the Fallen activity packs, Mastery Challenge modes, River Raids game mode, and limited-time in-game festivals.

Breakdown of the Major Free DLC

Here‘s a quick rundown of some of the biggest free content drops:

Story Expansions

  • A Fated Encounter – Added in Title Update 1.4, this quest has you helping a mysterious man named Sigurd who seems connected to Eivor‘s past.
  • The Last Chapter – Free epilogue added in Title Update 1.6.2 that concludes the stories of Eivor and other prominent characters.

Tombs of the Fallen

  • Pack 1 – Added 3 tombs in Title Update 1.4.1 with puzzle and traversal challenges.
  • Pack 2 – Added 5 more tombs in Title Update 1.6.2, completing the activity.

Seasonal Festivals

  • Yule Festival – December holiday event with minigames and items.
  • Ostara Festival – Spring event with decorative rewards.
  • Sigrblot Festival – Summer festival inspired by Viking traditions.

Other Major Additions

  • River Raids – Repeatable raids on riverside locations added in Title Update 1.2.
  • Mastery Challenges – Timed combat/platforming challenges added in Title Update 1.2.

A Deep Dive into Valhalla‘s Free DLC

As an avid gamer and Assassin‘s Creed fan, I‘ve played through all of Valhalla‘s free content updates. Here‘s my in-depth perspective on what each adds to the game:

Story Content

The major story expansions, while short, provide narratively satisfying additions for those invested in the characters.

For example, A Fated Encounter focuses on the mysterious yet intriguing character Sigurd, expanding on his history with Eivor in an unexpected and memorable way.

Meanwhile, The Last Chapter brings a sense of closure by revisiting beloved characters like Randvi and Valka for heartfelt moments that wrapped up lingering story threads.

For me, these free quests exemplified what I love about the franchise – getting to spend more time with charismatic characters and lore. They enhanced the appeal of Valhalla‘s superb storytelling.

Tombs of the Fallen

These free tombs are a must-try for folks who enjoy Valhalla‘s puzzles. Each tomb presents a unique set of challenges to test your mastery of game mechanics.

The DLC tombs often center around complex physics puzzles, like weighing down pressure plates or manipulating moving light beams. Solving them leverages abilities like calculated bow shots or clever use of the harpoon.

I found the tomb puzzles immensely satisfying to complete after learning their intricacies. They provided a nice change of pace from regular combat and a fun late-game challenge.

Seasonal Festivals

Valhalla‘s limited-time festivals are pure fun, dialing up the charming Norse flair.

Activities like drunken archery contests during the Yule Festival or egg hunts during Ostara make these events a vibrant celebration of Viking culture. Plus, you can earn themed items like spooky animal masks during the Sigrblot Festival.

The seasonal appointments give me a reason to revisit the game while allowing me to experience the rich cultural traditions of the Norse in creative ways you won‘t find anywhere else.

River Raids & Mastery Challenges

For players like myself who love combat, these free additions are godsends.

The River Raids supply an endless stream of intense raiding action to loot for rare resources and gear. I‘ve spent hours perfecting my approach to swiftly dominate riverside fortresses during raids.

Likewise, I found myself continually drawn back to the Mastery Challenges. The time pressure and wave-based formats pressured me to sharpen my combat abilities and trial creative tactics.

Together, these free modes gave me a way to continually hone my skills against fresh challenges far beyond the core story.

Valhalla‘s Free DLC Complements an Already Colossal Game

As someone with over 200 hours sunk into Valhalla, the free DLC acts as the cherry on top of an already enormous and compelling game.

The title updates solve my typical issue with gigantic open world RPGs – running out of satisfying content after the core story ends. Instead, I now have an ever-growing array of things to experience off the beaten path.

Rather than getting bored, the free DLC keeps me engaged in the world and eager to see what Ubisoft adds next. For new players jumping in now, the amount of quality content is staggering.

So while I highly recommend the engrossing paid expansions like Siege of Paris, you can‘t go wrong focusing on Valhalla‘s free content alone. For me, the story additions, tomb puzzles, and combat challenges have enhanced an already phenomenal Viking saga in ways that keep me coming back.