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What DLC is Zombies Origins on? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! If you‘re a zombie-slaying gamer like me, you‘ve probably heard about the incredibly popular Origins map. But you might be wondering: what DLC is Origins actually part of? Read on for the full scoop in this detailed guide to getting Origins, optimized for zombie experts like us!

The Origins Lowdown

Origins first shambled onto the scene back in 2013 as part of Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s Apocalypse DLC pack. This bad boy takes us back to the very beginning of the zombies storyline with the OG zombie crew. Pretty cool, right?

Set during World War I, Origins brings us to a creepy French excavation site where we finally learn how our heroes Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai first crossed bloody paths. Spooky!

Now, Origins has risen from the dead again in 2017‘s Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops III, completely remastered in spine-chilling next-gen glory.

Snagging Origins in Black Ops II

If you want to play the original Origins in Black Ops II, you‘ll need to buy the Apocalypse DLC pack on Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam. Here‘s what you get in Apocalypse:

  • The Origins Zombies map – duh!
  • 4 multiplayer maps: Pod, Frost, Takeoff, and Dig

A new Apocalypse pack will run you $14.99. I know, I know, shelling out extra cash sucks. But trust me: Origins is worth every zombie-shredding penny!

Pro tip: keep an eye out for sales on older CoD DLC. Activision and Steam often slash prices during seasonal events and zombie-themed promos. I saved 30% on Apocalypse during one of Steam‘s famous Halloween sales!

Getting Remastered Origins in Black Ops 3

To play the snazzy updated Origins in Black Ops III, you‘ll need the Zombies Chronicles DLC. This one costs $29.99 and is also available on Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam.

Here‘s everything you get in this meaty DLC package:

  • Origins (remastered!)
  • 7 other classic Zombies maps, also remastered:
    • Nacht der Untoten
    • Verruckt
    • Shi No Numa
    • Kino der Toten
    • Shangri-La
    • Moon
    • Ascension

So for thirty bucks, you‘re getting 8 iconic maps looking better than ever. Major value if you‘re a zombies completionist like me!

Is Origins Ever Free?

I hate to break it to you, but there‘s no legit way to download Origins for free currently. Since it was paid DLC, the only way to play is by owning either Apocalypse or Zombies Chronicles.

Some shady sites claim to offer Origins downloads for free, but I urge you to avoid them! Illegal copying only spreads viruses and hurts the hardworking developers.

The good news is Origins goes on sale regularly, so be patient for deals. I‘ll be sure to share any zombie DLC discounts I find on my blog!

Origins Survival Tips & Tricks

Now that you know how to get Origins, let me share some pro survival strategies for dominating those zombies!

First up: power. Restoring electricity access is priority numero uno. Control the generators and unlock crucial areas like Juggernog.

Next, snag an elemental staff ASAP. These upgradable Wonder Weapons pack a wicked punch. The Ice and Fire staffs are my personal faves.

Oh, and don‘t forget to ride that hulking tank around the map! It‘s a brute for clearing debris and unlocking more weapons/equipment.

Finally, get your guns, blades, and launchers Pack-a-Punched. The mysterious machine gives your arsenal that sweet extra damage we crave!

If you follow these tips, you‘ll be blasting zombies on Origins like a pro. Just stay frosty and keep your head on a swivel in those Claude catacombs!

By the Numbers: Some Origins Stats

Let‘s nerd out with some fun Origins facts and figures:

  • 8 – The number of eerie radio transmissions hidden around the map
  • 2 – Minimum number of players required to access certain areas/Easter eggs
  • 9 – Total number of zombie types, from regulars to Templars
  • 115 – Element number referenced throughout the map
  • ∞ – Effective ammo capacity of the Zombie Blood power-up

Wild stuff, right? Origins is crammed with cryptic details for us eggheads to dissect!

Parting Thoughts

Welp, that wraps up my guide to landing Origins, buddy! Let me know if you have any other questions – I could talk zombie Easter eggs all day.

Just remember: appreciate this iconic map‘s rich history, avoid shady "free" downloads, and keep my survival strats handy when you boot up. Most importantly, have fun and savor the spooky atmosphere! Origins is a timeless zombies classic we‘re so lucky to experience.

Stay safe out there and happy hunting!