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What do the Attack on Titan games cover?

The Attack on Titan video games allow players to experience the epic story and action of the popular anime through interactive gameplay. If you‘re an Attack on Titan fan interested in the games, this guide will give you a comprehensive overview of how much of the story is covered across the main titles.

As a fellow gaming and anime enthusiast, I‘ve played through all the Attack on Titan games myself. In this guide, I‘ll share my in-depth knowledge to help you understand exactly what content from the manga and anime is included in each title.

Reliving the Anime through Gameplay

Gaming is my favorite hobby – I just love escaping into interactive worlds inspired by great stories. The Attack on Titan games do an amazing job at adapting the anime‘s intense mix of action, drama and mystery into playable form.

Hacking away at titans with Omni-Directional Mobility gear or defending the walls from a giant horde captures the feeling of being right there alongside Eren, Mikasa and the survey corps.

While no game can ever fully replace watching the incredible anime series, the Attack on Titan games let you experience key moments first-hand on the battlefield. It‘s so satisfying to take down a 15m titan yourself using skill and strategy!

Wings of Freedom – Season 1 and More

Let‘s start at the beginning – the first major Attack on Titan game was called ‘Wings of Freedom‘, released back in 2016.

This game covers the plot of season 1, episodes 1-25. That includes famous story arcs like Eren joining the military and the battle for Trost district. I really enjoyed reliving these iconic early battles from the anime.

Wings of Freedom doesn‘t just rehash season 1 beat-for-beat though. There are also entirely original story scenarios where you get to engage in ‘what-if‘ missions with the main cast.

For example, there‘s an extra mission where you work alongside Levi‘s squad, which was fun fan service for their backstories.

Overall Wings of Freedom covers:

  • Key moments from manga chapters 1-33 (season 1)
  • Original story scenarios with main characters
  • Hints and intro to the second season of the anime

So you get the complete season 1 experience plus some cool extra content with this game.

Attack on Titan 2 – Expanding the Story

After I finished Wings of Freedom, I was super excited to jump into the sequel – Attack on Titan 2 – when it launched in 2018.

This second game starts off by retelling the story of season 1, letting you experience the iconic moments again but with improved gameplay. Veteran players can skip this retread and jump right into the new season 2 content.

The main draw in Attack on Titan 2 is that it covers the entirety of season 2 – episodes 26 through 37. It lets you play through the reveals about the titan shifters, the secrets in Eren‘s basement, and the encounter with the Beast Titan.

Expanding the story into season 2 opened up all sorts of great new narrative and gameplay possibilities. There are also more playable characters this time like Conny and Sasha.

Here‘s the rundown of Attack on Titan 2‘s coverage:

  • Retelling of season 1
  • Full season 2 story (eps 26-37)
  • Manga chapters 34 – 50
  • More playable characters

While a retread at the start, experiencing seasons 1 and 2 first-hand is an absolute blast for fans later in the game.

Final Battle – Keeping Up with the Anime

In 2019, the Attack on Titan games caught up with the anime again with the "Final Battle" expansion. This enlarged version of AOT 2 includes full coverage up until season 3.

Here‘s what‘s packed into Final Battle:

  • Previous seasons 1 and 2 content
  • Full season 3 story (eps 1-12)
  • Manga chapters 51-90
  • Playable Warriors like Zeke and Reiner
  • Original extra episodes focusing on the 104th

So you get about 60+ episodes worth of anime story content with Final Battle, taking the experience up to where the anime was in mid-2019. Plus there‘s the original bonus story content to flesh things out further.

I really enjoyed seeing how the game developers incorporated all the new elements like the Beast Titan into gameplay. Gliding around the giant trees attacking titans never gets old!

Attack on Titan Game Coverage Summary

To quickly recap the storyline coverage across the main games:

  • Wings of Freedom = season 1 + original episodes
  • AOT 2 = seasons 1 + 2
  • Final Battle = seasons 1-3 + original episodes

If you want the complete interactive Attack on Titan experience covering all current seasons, I highly recommend picking up Final Battle.

But all three games are great adaptations if you want to relive specific parts of the anime. Wings of Freedom is ideal for a focused season 1 retelling, for example.

Well, I hope this detailed guide gives you a good idea of how much content is packed into the Attack on Titan games! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Happy gaming!