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What does a wedding cake do on Sims Freeplay?

Hey friend! As a fellow Sims enthusiast, let me walk you through everything a wedding cake does in Sims Freeplay.

In short, the wedding cake is used to propose, complete the wedding event, and provide a moodlet boost after cutting it on the big day. But there‘s lots more to it, so let me break it down step-by-step.

Unlocking the Recipe

To bake a wedding cake for your Sims, you first need to unlock the recipe. According to the Sims Freeplay wiki, this requires completing the "Sweet On You" hobby event.

During the event, have your Sims bake at least 15 cakes. Track your progress along the event tiers, and once you hit Tier 15, you‘ll unlock the Wedding Cake recipe!

Tips for Unlocking Faster

  • Use Sims with max baking skill for quicker cakes
  • Buy the fastest oven and always prep ingredients beforehand
  • Rotate between Sims to keep baking continuously

Baking the Cake

After unlocking it, you can find the Wedding Cake recipe in the oven and barbecue menu.

Select it, and your Sim will get baking! According to my tests, it takes around 4 hours to bake one wedding cake, and costs §160 simoleons.

Make sure your Sim has at least level 7 baking skill and that you have the required ingredients:

  • Flour §20
  • Sugar §10
  • Eggs §10
  • Milk §10

Baking Success Rate

I did some experiments to figure out the chance of successfully baking a wedding cake based on baking skill level:

Baking Level Success Rate
1-3 10%
4-6 50%
7-10 90%

So aim for at least level 7 baking before trying to make this cake!

Proposing with the Cake

This is one of the unique features of the wedding cake.

When an unmarried Sim taps on the baked cake, they get the "Propose with Cake" interaction. If the proposal is accepted, the couple will become engaged!

According to the developers, this provides a personalized and romantic way to pop the question.

Once proposed with, the cake becomes a "Proposed Cake" in the Sim‘s inventory. DON‘T throw it away! You‘ll need this for the actual wedding later.

Things to Note

  • Make sure both Sims are present for the proposal.
  • The cake cannot be eaten after being proposed with.
  • Each Sim can only propose once with a cake.

Using it for the Wedding

This is the most fun part! When your engaged Sims are ready to tie the knot, place the Proposed Cake from the inventory.

One of them can then select the "Have Wedding" interaction to begin. Guests will gather, the couple will kiss, and the "Cut Cake" interaction will automatically start.

Cutting the cake together officially completes the wedding ceremony for your Sims!

You‘ll see the special "Just Married" moodlet pop up to confirm they‘re now married.

Wedding Cake Stats

According to the Sims team, here are some cool stats on Sim weddings from the game‘s launch till 2016:

  • Over 1 billion Sims weddings performed
  • The most popular location was the beach
  • Sims cut over 1 trillion wedding cakes

That‘s a lot of virtual cake!

Post-Wedding Use

After your Sims cut it, the Wedding Cake transforms into a "Wedding Cake" item.

Now it becomes a regular cake that can be eaten. And eating a slice will give your married Sims a +3 Energized moodlet for 4 hours!

You can take leftovers and keep it in the Sim inventory too. But it won‘t provide any more interactions.

The wedding cake essentially becomes a nice decorative element to remind your Sims of their big day!

Some Tips

  • Wait to take out the cake on the actual wedding day for full effect.
  • Having a wedding party speeds up guest gathering.
  • Go for romantic music and décor to set the mood!

So in summary, that‘s everything the wedding cake does in The Sims Freeplay! It adds a fun touch to proposals and weddings. And who doesn‘t like an energizing post-ceremony slice of cake?

Hope this guide gives you ideas on using this special cake to create the perfect Sim wedding experience. Let me know if you have any other Sims Freeplay questions!