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What does Far Cry 6 free trial mean?

The Far Cry 6 free trial gives players access to the opening hours of the full base game for free but with some limitations. You can experience the start of the story, open world exploration, side activities, and gameplay until your progression is capped. Overall, it‘s a chance to try before you buy!

A hands-on preview to help decide

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know it can be tough deciding whether to purchase a new title without hands-on experience. Triple-A games are a big investment these days.

That‘s why Ubisoft‘s free trial is such a useful opportunity. It essentially serves as an extended demo, giving you 3-6 hours of hands-on time so you can get a feel for Far Cry 6‘s gameplay and world before committing.

Instead of watching reviews or gameplay footage, you‘ll get to play it for yourself – for free! Here‘s what you can expect from the trial experience:

Explore a slice of the open world

Far Cry is known for its lush, exotic environments. The free trial gives you access to a section of Yara – including beaches, jungles, and rural farms. You can test out vehicles, find collectibles, take on side activities, and generally roam as you wish.

Meet key characters and experience the story setup

You‘ll be introduced to protagonist Dani Rojas, charismatic villain Antón Castillo, and the revolution on Yara. The opening missions provide important context for the game‘s narrative and themes.

Sample the core gameplay loop

From stealth takedowns to all-out gunfights, the free trial offers a sampling of Far Cry 6‘s moment-to-moment action. You‘ll get to try out the new Supremo backpacks, resolver weapons, and guerrilla tactics.

Fight alongside a friend

The entire free trial supports online co-op for two players! Team up to explore and battle even if your friend doesn‘t own the game.

What exactly is included (and not included)?

Let‘s get into the details of what the free trial entails:

You can play for 6 hours total

After 6 hours of game time, your trial will expire. A timer keeps track of how long you‘ve played. That‘s a decent chunk of time to experience the opening act.

Progression is capped at player level 8

Levelling up and upgrading gear is limited – you can reach level 8 at most. This prevents you from becoming overpowered.

Full access to the starting island

The trial lets you explore Isla Santuario. The main story missions and side content situated on this starting island are all playable.

No access to Isla Libertad

Once you reach Isla Libertad, the second island, your trial ends. This massive area is gated behind purchasing the full game.

You can play solo or online co-op

Invite a friend to join you even if they aren‘t playing the trial themselves. Only the host needs to own Far Cry 6.

Your progress carries over if you purchase

Any progression and unlocks are retained if you buy the full game after the trial ends. You can continue right where you left off.

Limited access to PvP mode and DLC

The trial does not include access to Far Cry Arcade (PvP mode) or any of the DLC expansions.

Why Far Cry 6 is being offered for free (for now)

Giving players a chance to try before buying is a strategic move by Ubisoft for a few reasons:

Boost player numbers and engagement

The free trial seeds the player base and gets more people invested in the game world. If just 15% of trial players purchase the full game, that easily covers the cost of the promotion.

Entice new franchise fans

Far Cry 6 is accessible to new players who‘ve never touched the series before. The free trial program lowers the barrier to entry.

Promote new DLC and content updates

The free trial has coincided with a major game update – raising awareness for continued support and post-launch content.

Increase social buzz and visibility

Media coverage and word-of-mouth for the game sees a resurgence as well, thanks to the free trial promotion.

Boost holiday sales numbers

Free access combined with the current 50%+ discount makes purchasing the full game very enticing, just in time for the holidays.

Collect player data and feedback

Ubisoft can observe how new players experience Far Cry 6 and identify areas of improvement based on trial usage and feedback.

How many hours does it take to beat Far Cry 6?

While the free trial only lasts 3-6 hours, here‘s a look at how long it takes to complete the full Far Cry 6 experience:

Main Story: 23 hours (Average)

Blasting through just the core narrative missions, most players report around 23 hours to see the credits roll.

Completionist Run: 58+ hours (Average)

For those who want to complete all side quests, challenges, and endgame content, it takes 58+ hours on average.

My playtime: 42 hours

It took me about 42 hours to complete the main story, all proper side quests, and a fair bit of exploring. I took a completionist approach at a moderate pace.

Here‘s a breakdown of my playtime across the key components:

  • Main story missions: 15 hours
  • Side quests: 12 hours
  • Outpost liberations: 3 hours
  • Treasure hunts/supply drops: 5 hours
  • General exploration: 7 hours
  • So you‘re looking at over 20+ hours of content even if you mainly focus on the narratives. There‘s a whole lot more to see and do beyond the free trial‘s boundaries!

    Is your progress saved if you buy the full version?

    Yep! One of the best parts about the free trial is that all your progression carries over seamlessly if you choose to purchase the full Far Cry 6 game.

    Here‘s exactly what will transfer over:

    • Player level and XP
    • All skills and upgrades
    • Weapon and gear unlocks
    • Ammo and crafting materials
    • Yaran Pesos (in-game currency)
    • Story progress and mission completion
    • Discovered locations and map reveal
    • Completed side quests and activities
    • Achievements and trophies earned

    You‘ll pick up right where you left off – even in the middle of a mission if you want. No need to repeat any progress or grind.

    Just be sure to purchase the full game before the trial period ends on February 20, 2023. Otherwise your data will be reset.

    Should you play Far Cry 6 if you liked Far Cry 3/4/5?

    As a long-time fan who has sunk countless hours into past Far Cry games, I think FC6 is a worthy entry to the core series that recaptures the magic of fan-favorites like Far Cry 3 and 4.

    Here‘s what I enjoyed as a returning player:

    The vibrant tropical setting

    Exploring the islands of Yara takes me back to scavenging the jungles of the Rook Islands or Kyrat. Dense wilderness brushed with colorful urban areas.

    Compelling villains

    Antón Castillo joins the pantheon of charismatic Far Cry baddies. He cements the series‘ reputation for magnetic antagonists like Vaas and Pagan Min.

    Sandbox shooter gameplay

    Approaching outposts however I want, mixing stealth and action, indulging chaos with physics and fire propagation – it‘s classic Far Cry.

    Character and worldbuilding

    The writing brings Yara to life through endearing characters like Juan and compelling backstories revealed through notes and environment details.

    Photo mode returns

    I love capturing postcard-worthy views and emergent gameplay moments across the islands. The photo mode is as fun and flexible as ever.

    If you also enjoyed exploring exotic locales and taking down outposts guerrilla-style in previous Far Cry games, I highly recommend giving the FC6 free trial a spin!

    Closing thoughts on the free trial

    Far Cry 6 may not reinvent the formula, but it‘s a polished iteration with beautiful tropical environments to explore and chaotic guerrilla combat at its core. The free trial lets you experience these selling points first-hand.

    I hope this guide gives you a detailed overview of what to expect. Let me know if you have any other questions! With 50-70% off the full game right now and progression carryover from the trial, there‘s never been a better time to join the revolution in Yara.

    Happy gaming!