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What game is most like Free Guy?

Hey friend! If you enjoyed the hit movie Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds, you may be wondering what video game is most like the fictional open world Free City that Guy lives in. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve played and analyzed many titles to see which ones have the closest similarities to Free Guy in terms of setting, gameplay, themes, and overall experience. Here are my top picks:

Grand Theft Auto V

Without a doubt, the biggest inspiration for Free Guy‘s Free City is Rockstar Games‘ blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V is an open world action-adventure game set in the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, where you play as three different criminals undertaking heists and other missions. Just like Free City, Los Santos is a gigantic urban playground full of opportunities for chaos and excitement.

Let‘s break down the similarities:

  • Los Santos recreates the look and feel of Los Angeles with diverse neighborhoods, landmarks, and environments to explore – just like Free City‘s worldbuilding.
  • You can drive hundreds of vehicles from sports cars to big rigs throughout the city, just as Guy cruises Free City in everything from sports cars to ice cream trucks.
  • Wide array of weapons to use any way you see fit, exactly like Free Guy‘s players having access to sci-fi guns, grenades, etc.
  • Freedom to undertake story missions or just go wild with side activities like crashing cars or skydiving – Free City offers the same open ended gameplay.
  • Packed with satirical humor mocking pop culture and the gaming industry itself – a hallmark of Free Guy‘s comedy too.

Plus GTA V even has an in-game stock market and businesses you can buy, similar to how Free City has elements of capitalism and entrepreneurship for Guy to engage with.

With over 145 million copies sold, GTA V is one of the best selling and most influential games ever made. For any fans of Free Guy, I highly recommend checking out Rockstar‘s crime epic to experience the closest thing to being inside Free City itself.


Epic Games‘ global phenomenon Fortnite may not have been officially linked to Free Guy, but the free-to-play battle royale shooter has a lot in common with the movie‘s fictional game. Let‘s go over some of the key similarities:

  • Bright, cartoonish art style full of color that matches Free City‘s animated look and feel.
  • vast open world environment called Apollo Island that evolves over time through updates – just like Free City is constantly expanding.
  • Cosmetic items like skins and dances offer extensive customization of your character, similar to how Free City players coordinate their avatar‘s look.
  • Fun action and humor woven throughout both Fortnite and Free Guy.
  • Massive community of gamers socializing together is reminiscent of the community that formed around Free City too.

In 2020 alone, Fortnite amassed an incredible 350 million registered players worldwide. The game popularized the concept of battle royale – being the last player standing out of 100 fighters. This competitive format clearly inspired parts of Free Guy as well. All in all, Fortnite‘s success and prominence in gaming culture make it a great point of reference for Free City‘s gameplay and impact.

Saints Row

Volition‘s over-the-top open world crime series Saints Row injected absurd humor into the GTA-style action years before Free Guy. The first two Saints Row games in particular offer the closest alignment for Free City:

  • Set in the fictional metropolis of Stilwater where you play as a member of the Third Street Saints gang
  • Wide array of vehicles and weapons mixed seamlessly with goofy side activities and customization
  • Focus on fun and humor over gritty realism sets it apart from GTA
  • You build up criminal enterprises that give a sense of ownership in the city, much like Guy‘s journey
  • Sequel Saints Row IV adds a virtual reality element with the Saints trapped in a simulation, similar to Free Guy‘s exploration of a video game world

The Saints Row series has sold over 16 million copies over the years, showing that gamers love its crazy antics and free-wheeling mayhem set in a dense open world. That winning formula lines up perfectly with Free Guy‘s ethos as well.

Lego Games

Now this connection may seem unlikely at first, but hear me out. The various video game adaptations of Lego licenses like Star Wars and Harry Potter have some thought-provoking similarities with Free Guy.

Developed by TT Games, the Lego titles place beloved characters into a world where everything is made of Lego bricks. On the surface, this seems totally different than Free City. But consider:

  • The characters are aware they exist in a virtual Lego world created for entertainment, just as Guy realizes he is part of a video game.
  • Bright, blocky visuals and cheery tone match Free Guy‘s fun mood.
  • You can play as many different characters with different abilities – similar to how players control different avatars in Free City.
  • Plenty of customization options for a personalized experience.
  • Mash-up of various franchises into one meta Lego universe is like Free City integrating many gameplay styles and genres.

With over 100 million Lego games sold, the series struck gold with its toys-come-to-life concept. Fans of Free Guy might appreciate seeing familiar fictional worlds adapted into video games, with charming occupants who are self-aware of their digital origins.

The Matrix Movies

Now I know The Matrix isn‘t a video game franchise, but the seminal sci-fi films definitely were a huge inspiration for Free Guy. Let‘s discuss their shared DNA:

  • Both depict a false reality where humans are trapped and controlled without realizing it – the Matrix and Free City.
  • Rebellion against the system by those who become self-aware like Neo and Guy.
  • Mixing simulated combat with real stakes, where death in the game means death in the real world.
  • Main characters go through a transformation by realizing the truth about their artificial world.
  • Tons of references – Guy‘s blue shirt is a nod to Neo‘s blue/red pill choice to wake up from the Matrix.

Many critics have noted the similarities between Free Guy and The Matrix ever since the film was announced. While not games, the Matrix movies helped popularize the concept of virtual realities indistinguishable from the real world – laying the foundation for video games like Free City.

The Choices Are Endless!

Well my friend, those are my picks for the top video games that have the closest similarities with Free Guy and the fictional Free City game that Guy calls home. Each offers something special whether it‘s open world freedom, customization, humor, or self-awareness that connects back to the themes, action, and fun of the hit movie.

Of course, there are plenty more games out there that share some DNA with Free Guy like Fallout, No Man‘s Sky, Roblox, and others. The great news is that games are more immersive and diverse than ever with new titles releasing all the time. So we have endless opportunities to jump into expansive virtual worlds where you control the action and write your own story.

Hopefully this guide gave you some great recommendations to check out while we wait for the Free Guy sequels on the horizon. Let me know if you want any other Free Guy gaming comparisons in the future!