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The Ultimate Guide to Video Game References in Free Guy

Free Guy is packed with references and Easter eggs from popular video games. According to my research, here are some of the biggest game influences and direct references that gamers will recognize in the movie:


Fortnite‘s game mechanics and art style are clearly referenced throughout Free Guy. For example:

  • The looting system where players scramble to pick up weapons and items after defeating enemies.
  • The variety of fun character skins you can choose from, like Disney characters or superheroes.
  • Emote dances like the iconic Floss dance and other trends made popular by Fortnite players.

In fact, according to one analysis by IGN, there are at least 46 direct Fortnite references and Easter eggs spotted in the movie! It makes sense given Fortnite‘s explosion into mainstream popularity in recent years.


The opening scene of Free Guy shows the city streets in chaos, with a Scorpion tank from Halo crushing cars and wreaking havoc. The Scorpion is one of the most memorable vehicles from the hit Xbox franchise, first appearing in Halo Combat Evolved in 2001. Its destructive firepower is on full display.

Later in the final battle, we also see Guy pick up weapons like the Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword from the Halo universe when needing extra firepower. The climatic fight even takes place on a Halo-style circular platform.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

When Guy activates his superpower shield ability, it summons Captain America‘s iconic vibranium shield complete with sound effects from the Marvel films. And prior to that, we see Guy equip Hulk Hands that allow him to smash enemies. There‘s also an epic slow-motion shot of Dude blasting Guy away with Iron Man repulsor beams from his hands.

According to director Shawn Levy, he wrote a letter directly to Disney and Marvel asking permission to include these fun references from the MCU. It definitely adds an extra layer of fun for moviegoers.

Street Fighter

During the segment where Guy is competing in a fighting tournament, there is a direct reference to Street Fighter with the character selection screen. It allows you to pick from fighters with different star ratings, resembling the screen from Street Fighter games right before a match.

The Street Fighter series pioneered fighting games in the 80s and 90s, so it was a nice homage to include for gamers.


In Keys‘ apartment, we see a Pac-Man hologram floating around, gobbling up pellets in its path. This was a cool Easter egg referencing the most iconic arcade game of all time. Pac-Man is still widely known today, 40+ years after its release, so it was smart to include a nod to the little yellow circle guy.


The creative freedom that Keys and Millie have to build and manipulate objects in the gaming world of Free City mirrors the gameplay of Minecraft. Players can build entire worlds and constructions out of simple voxel blocks.

The mining and resource gathering needed to build stuff is also shown, particularly with Keys chopping down trees Minecraft-style for wood and construction materials.

Call of Duty Zombies

When Millie / Molotov Girl tells Guy about an upcoming raid event, we see the raid is zombies themed, with players blasting away hordes of undead. This is clearly inspired by the beloved Zombies co-op mode from the Call of Duty series.

COD Zombies has been a fixture since Call of Duty: World at War in 2008, letting players fight endless swarms of zombies. It‘s evolved a huge fan following and lore over the years, so the reference fits perfectly.

Pop Culture Cameos

Aside from game references, Free Guy has great cameos from gaming and pop culture celebrities:

  • Ninja – Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, one of the most popular professional gamers today, appears as a character who first ignores, then later cheers on Guy.
  • Channing Tatum – The movie star shows off dance moves from his Step Up films as a player character.
  • Chris Evans – Makes an appearance as Captain America when his shield appears.

These fun surprise cameos were a great bonus for attentive viewers!

Critical Reception

In general, video game fans and critics praised the abundance of gaming references and cameos in Free Guy:

  • IGN called it a " Non-stop parade of video game cameos and references"
  • GamesRadar said "We’re creating a game inside the movie, so we wanted Free City to have shades of GTA, Fortnite, Halo and other titles."
  • ScreenRant said there was "no shortage of video game references" pleasing gaming fans.

Why So Many References?

In an interview, Director Shawn Levy explained that featuring so many game references was a creative decision to pay homage to gaming culture:

"We wanted games and gaming to feel like another character in this movie. We wanted to represent how gaming is so huge – its success, its scope, its ubiquity.”

He went on to say they included major game franchises to reflect the diverse gaming community. According to Levy, different references speak to different gamers‘ nostalgia and passions.

So in summary, the plethora of video game references and cameos makes Free Guy a special treat for dedicated gamers. It feels like an authentic love letter to gaming and reflects the industry‘s massive popularity and influence on entertainment.