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What Games Can PS and Switch Play Together? The Ultimate Crossplay Guide

Hey friend! Have you ever wanted to play games online with buddies who game on different systems? Maybe your crew loves rocketing cars into soccer balls in Rocket League but you‘ve got the game on Nintendo Switch while your pals play on PlayStation.

Don‘t sweat it! More and more games today offer something called "crossplay" that lets you play together across platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Keep reading and I‘ll explain everything you need to know about PS and Switch crossplay possibilities.

Crossplay 101: What Is It and How Does It Work?

In simple terms, crossplay refers to multiplayer games that allow players on different gaming platforms to play together. For example, Fortnite players on PS5 and Nintendo Switch can squad up and battle in the same online matches.

This works because the game developer makes their online multiplayer functionality compatible between platforms. They link up the servers and game clients so everyone can connect regardless of whether they‘re on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or PC.

Crossplay depends on the game – the developer has to actively enable it. And the level of support varies too:

  • Full crossplay means all platforms can connect. For example, Rocket League has full crossplay among PS, Xbox, Switch and PC.
  • Partial crossplay excludes certain platforms. Call of Duty: Warzone allows crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation and PC, but leaves out Switch.
  • Limited crossplay restricts support to only certain modes. Minecraft cross-platform works for some game modes but not standard Survival multiplayer.

Gaming companies used to avoid crossplay because they wanted you locked into only playing with people on the same hardware. But gamers made it loud and clear that they want to play with their buddies, no matter what logos are on their consoles.

Crossplay unlocks more flexibility in who you can game with. And that means more fun!

PS and Switch Crossplay Game Support

Now for the big question: What games actually allow crossplay between PlayStation and Nintendo Switch specifically?

Let‘s start with the games that offer full crossplay between PS4, PS5 and Switch:

  • Rocket League – This hugely popular vehicle soccer game allows seamless crossplay among PS, Xbox, Switch and PC players.
  • Brawlhalla – A fun Super Smash Bros-style brawler with full PS4, PS5 and Switch crossover brawling.
  • Just Dance 2022 – The latest Just Dance title lets PS and Switch players boogie down together online.
  • Spellbreak – This unique battle royale features magic spells and crossplay on all major platforms.
  • Crayta – Create and play multiplayer games together and share user-created content between PS and Switch.

That‘s still a pretty short list of games supporting full PS and Switch interconnectivity. But the good news is that Sony seems to be opening up to the crossplay revolution with their latest PS5 console.

Here are some popular games with partial or limited crossplay between PlayStation and Nintendo platforms:

  • Fortnite – Hugely popular battle royale shooter with extensive crossplay, but PS4 and Switch players cannot matchmake together.
  • Minecraft – Construction sandbox classic that allows PS and Switch crossplay but only on special external servers.
  • World of Tanks – Team-based tank battles enabling PS4 and Switch players to face off in special events.

And looking ahead, some highly anticipated upcoming games have already announced PS and Switch crossplay support after launch:

  • Fall Guys – This madcap battle royale party game plans to add full crossplay including PS4, PS5 and Switch sometime in 2022.
  • Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands – The fantasy looter shooter spinoff of Borderlands is aiming for crossplay between all major platforms at launch in March 2022.

So while full PS and Switch crossplay is still limited, game developers seem to be headed in the right direction. Expect the list of crossover-friendly games to continue growing, especially as Sony commits to expanded crossplay on their new PS5 hardware.

Crossplay By the Numbers

Let‘s look at some statistics that highlight the demand for expanded crossplay opportunities:

  • 71% of gamers say they wish more games offered full crossplay support. (Steelseries)
  • 61% of gamers prefer buying games that allow crossplay. (Lenovo)
  • 53% of gamers won‘t purchase a game at all if it lacks crossplay. (Lenovo)
  • Rocket League saw a huge 227% increase in online players after adding crossplay. (Psyonix)

The numbers speak for themselves – people want more crossplay! Game developers are wise to meet this demand.

And the ability to play together across PlayStation and Nintendo platforms opens up fun new possibilities to unite friends who own different systems.

How To Enable Crossplay on Your Consoles

Alright, time for the fun part! Once you‘ve picked a PS and Switch crossplay-friendly game, here is how to make sure crossplay is enabled on your consoles:

PlayStation Crossplay Setup

On either PS4 or PS5, you first need to activate your PlayStation as the "primary" console for your account:

  1. Go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > PlayStation Network/Account Information.
  2. Select "Activate as Your Primary PS4/PS5" and choose "Activate."

This allows other accounts on your PlayStation to share your games and enables cross-saves and crossplay capabilities.

Then in your game‘s settings, look for a "Crossplay" option and make sure it‘s enabled or set to "Yes."

Nintendo Switch Crossplay Setup

On your Switch, open the System Settings menu and go to:

  1. Users > Your User > Play Activity Settings
  2. For "Allow Online Play" select "Yes"
  3. For "Allow Cross-Device Play" select "Yes" to turn on crossplay

Individual games may also have crossplay toggles in their settings menus. Toggle those on too for full cross-platform gaming glory!

Crossplay Limitations Between PS and Switch

Crossplay between PS and Switch still comes with some caveats:

  • No built-in voice chat functionality between platforms.
  • Account linking between PSN and Nintendo accounts can be tricky.
  • Performance differences between PS and Switch can cause balancing issues.
  • Cheating risks with questionable anti-cheat support across platforms.
  • Connecting to crossplay servers can cause bugs or issues in some games.

And importantly, PS and Switch crossplay does NOT include cross-progression and cross-saves. Your progress will remain separate on each console.

Developers still have work ahead to smooth out the technical and policy bumps in the road to flawless crossplay. But the journey promises exciting gaming opportunities when friends can play together regardless of console choice.

More Crossplay Means More Fun for Everyone

Crossplay between PlayStation and Nintendo Switch opens up multiplayer gaming in fresh ways. A few titles already offer PS4, PS5 and Switch crossover, while many more provide limited support.

As Sony embraces the crossplay revolution, we‘ll see PS and Switch team-ups grow. And that‘s great news for bringing together friends and communities!

Sure, some hiccups still exist. But the gaming industry is moving toward a future where we can all play as one happy family, no matter our console. How cool is that?

So grab your DualShock, Joy-Cons or other controller of choice. With crossplay, we can game on together!