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What Happens if a Free Play Pushes?

If you‘ve used a free play bonus and your bet ends up pushing, you‘re probably wondering what happens next. The good news is, with a free play push, your bonus amount is simply returned to your account. You don‘t lose the free play like with a normal wager. Below I‘ll explain in more detail.

As an avid streamer and gamer, I rely on free plays and bonuses to maximize my bankroll. I‘ve learned to take full advantage of these great promos. In this guide, I‘ll share expert tips to help you do the same!

Defining a "Push" Bet

Let‘s start with a quick refresher on what constitutes a push. In sports betting, a push occurs when the point spread or total score lands exactly on the number bet. For example:

  • The spread is Patriots -7. You bet on the Patriots. The final score is Patriots 28, Jets 21. The Patriots margin of victory is exactly 7 points. This is a push.
  • The total score (over/under) is 51. You bet the under. The final score is 27-24, totaling 51 points exactly. This also pushes.

In both cases, neither team covers the spread or total. With a regular bet, a push means you get your original wager back. No win or loss takes place.

According to historical data, around 10-15% of spread bets and 5-8% of total bets typically end up pushing. So while not super common, pushes do happen enough to be aware of the possibilities.

Understanding How Free Plays Work

By now you probably know that many online sportsbooks and casinos offer customers free play bonuses, also called "free bets."

In a nutshell, these promos give you extra funds to bet with that are separate from your cash balance. You get to keep any winnings from free plays. And if you lose, you don‘t lose any actual money since the sportsbook or casino funded the wager.

Free plays essentially let you make real-money bets without risking your own cash. But what if that risk-free wager pushes? Let‘s find out!

Free Play Push Policies

The most important thing to understand is that with a free play push, your bonus amount is simply returned to your account. You don‘t lose the free play like you would with a normal bet.

Think of a free play push as a "no bet." For example, if you make a $100 free play on a game total of 48 and the final score is 24-24, that bet will push. The $100 will go back into your bonus balance to use on another wager.

I always recommend checking the specific terms at your sportsbook or casino, however. While most treat free play pushes this way, some may handle them differently. Know the rules before betting!

Why Pushes Are More Common on Spreads and Totals

You‘ll notice pushes happening more frequently on point spreads and totals compared to moneyline bets. There‘s a simple reason for this:

  • Moneylines have a clear winner and loser, making a push very unlikely.
  • Spreads and totals involve hitting a specific number, increasing push probability.

The stats back this up as well. Historically around 75% of pushes occur on spreads and 25% on totals.

As a result, free play pushes occur more often when betting spreads and totals. That‘s fine by me – I love getting my risk-free bonus back!

Pro Tips for Using Free Plays Effectively

As a seasoned gamer and promo hunter, let me share my top strategies for maximizing the value of any free play bonuses you receive:

  • **Bet on spread and total wagers** where pushes are more likely. Avoid moneylines.
  • **Wager the full free play amount** if possible rather than splitting into smaller bets.
  • **Use free plays on large underdogs, parlays,** and other bets with high payout potential.
  • **Look for opportunities to hedge free plays** to guarantee profit (more on this below).
  • **Track free play results** separately from your cash bets. Log pushes as "no bet" instead of losses.
  • **Read all terms and conditions carefully** before wagering any free play bonus amounts.

Follow these tips and you‘ll be getting the most bang for your free play buck in no time!

Hedging Free Plays for Guaranteed Profits

One advanced strategy that I like to use with large free plays is hedging. This involves making an additional bet to mitigate the risk of your original wager.

Skilled hedging allows you to lock in guaranteed profit on a free play. Let me give you an example:

Imagine you received a $300 free play. You decide to bet it all on the Jets +7. To hedge, you could bet $270 on the Patriots -7 at another sportsbook. Here is how that would play out:

  • If the Patriots win by 8+ points, your original free play loses but your hedge bet wins $270, earning you $270 profit.
  • If the Jets lose by less than 7, your free play wins $300 and your hedge loses the $270 bet, again earning you $30 profit.
  • If the Patriots win by exactly 7, both bets push. Your $300 free play is returned to reuse.

The keys are finding sufficient difference in odds between books and calculating hedge amounts properly. This works best with large free plays. Give it a try next time you have a sizable bonus!

Let‘s Recap

While not super common, pushes do occasionally happen, especially on spreads and totals. With normal bets, a push gets you a refund.

But with free plays, a push simply returns the bonus amount to your account. You don‘t lose anything.

Always verify the specific rules at your sportsbook or casino. And remember to use free plays wisely. If a bonus bet does push, don‘t sweat it. Just put that free play back to work on your next wager and enjoy the free action!