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What happens if a married sim cheats in Sims Freeplay?

Hey friend! As a long-time Sims player, I‘ve seen my fair share of Sims cheating on their partners. I know it can be messy and cause all sorts of drama. So I wanted to give you the low-down on everything that can happen when a married Sim strays in Sims Freeplay.

The Basics of Cheating in Sims Freeplay

Let‘s start with the basics. In Sims Freeplay, once you complete the "Love is in the Air" quest, your adult and senior Sims can start romantic relationships with other Sims. Here‘s some key facts:

  • Sims can have multiple boyfriends/girlfriends and love interests at the same time. This constitutes cheating.
  • Married and partnered Sims can still have affairs. There are no gameplay barriers to having side relationships.
  • When a cheating Sim romantically interacts with one partner, their other partner(s) will get upset and dislike the Sim they are cheating with.

So in summary – your Sims can cheat if they want to, but there will be consequences!

Immediate Reactions to Discovering an Affair

When the betrayed spouse or partner catches their Sim cheating, dramatic things start happening immediately:

  • The cheated on Sim will cry and have a visible sad moodlet. They are devastated by the betrayal!
  • The cheated on Sim loses a massive amount of relationship points with the cheating Sim. We‘re talking a reduction of around 95% of points.
  • Any children the cheating Sim has will also lose relationship points with that parent. The strength of the loss depends on the child‘s loyalty.

It‘s very apparent when a Sim finds out they‘ve been cheated on! The loss of relationship points also makes it harder to repair the relationship.

Long-Term Consequences of Cheating

The cheating Sim faces some additional long-term consequences for their actions:

  • The cheated on Sim can decide to initiate a divorce with the cheater, ending their marriage.
  • The cheating Sim may also autonomously decide to break up with their current partner and ask for a divorce.
  • Once divorced, the cheated on Sim will not get a divorced moodlet. Only the Sim who initiates divorce gets the moodlet.
  • The cheating Sim‘s reputation will take a hit around town. Other Sims in the neighborhood will like them less.
  • If the cheating Sim moves in with their affair partner, their new relationship will start with fewer bonus points due to their unfaithful past.

Can Sims Have Multiple Relationships?

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances, or significant others a Sim can have at one time. Some key notes:

  • While married or partnered, a Sim can still date and pursue as many new relationships as they want on the side.
  • Two partnered Sims can live together and have up to two children together through the normal pregnancy system.
  • Using cheats, a male Sim can have a child through alien abduction even if married or partnered.
  • Up to four adult Sims, whether romantically involved or just friends, can share a household if the owner becomes best friends with the others and invites them to move in.

So in summary – Sims can maintain multiple serious relationships at once, whether legit or as affairs!

Making Two Sims Get Married After an Affair

If you want two cheating Sims to get married, it‘s easy to force it:

  • Use the relationship.add_Bit console command to change their status to Married.
  • Or, have Sim A "Propose Going Steady" to Sim B, and then "Propose Marriage" after the fact.

And just like that, they‘ll be married no matter their previous relationships!

In Conclusion…

While affairs in Sims Freeplay can spice up your gameplay, just remember they can seriously hurt your Sim‘s relationships and reputation. So weigh the pros and cons before straying! I hope this overview gives you insight into the reality of cheating in Sims. Let me know if you have any other questions!