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What Happens If I Decline the Free Freighter in No Man‘s Sky?

If you decline the first free freighter offered after a rescue mission, you will continue receiving additional free freighters after subsequent rescues. You can keep declining and retrying until you get the ideal freighter, with no penalties.

When we break down the freighter rescue mechanics, it becomes clear that refusing the first free freighter is strategically wise for most players. Let‘s dive deep into everything that happens when you skip that initial freebie.

Retrying for Better Stats and Classes

The first freighter offered for free will likely be a low C or B class with limited inventory slots and capabilities. But if you decline it and keep playing, you‘ll eventually trigger another freighter rescue mission.

The second freighter spawned has a chance to be a higher S or A class with superior base stats andslot counts upwards of 40+. Declining the lackluster first freighter gives you an opportunity to reroll for something better in that second free offer.

According to data miners, S-class dreadnought freighters have around a 2% spawn chance. So it may take 5, 10, even 25 rescue attempts before you get that coveted S-class freighter for free. But the payoff is worth it! An S-class freighter can have 40% higher hyperdrive range compared to a C-class, for example.

If you‘ve got the patience, decline away until you snag that elite S-class freighter from a rescue. Don‘t waste your one freebie on the first middling freighter you see!

Capital Ships Guaranteed in Second Freighter

Here‘s a great trick – if the first freighter offered isn‘t a Capital Ship, declining it will guarantee the second free freighter spawned is a Capital Ship.

Capital Ships are the huge Star Destroyer-looking vessels that can reach 40+ inventory slots when S-class. The first freighter has around a 50% chance of being a Capital Ship. So if you get unlucky with a cramped Sentinel freighter on the first go, simply decline and retry for that sweet Capital Ship.

Having those bonus cargo slots and internal customization potential from a Capital Ship is a total game changer early on. You‘ll have abundant room for storage, hydroponics trays, refiners and more to support your gameplay goals.

All Ships and Items Retained When Declining

Many players worry they might lose progress by declining the first free freighter rescue. Thankfully, that is not the case – declining does not take away your current starships, exosuit inventory, credits, or anything else.

The only thing lost by declining the freighter is the cargo inventory on that particular freighter. You retain all other items, ships, and progress. So don‘t feel any pressure to accept a lackluster freighter on the first try!

Freighter Base Transfers to New One

Your customized freighter base including storage containers, refiners, farms, etc. will automatically transfer over to any new freighter you accept. You won‘t lose any base building progress by swapping freighters.

The old base layout will be reconstructed in the new freighter. And you can always reset the layout from the Freighter Upgrade Terminal if desired. No need to stress about losing your base when declining freighters!

Limitless Free Offers Until Acceptance

The most important aspect to understand is that declining the first freighter does NOT remove the free offer. You can decline over and over with no penalties. The game will keep spawning free freighters after battles until you finally accept one.

Once you do accept a freighter, THEN subsequent ones will need to be purchased. So you might as well keep rerolling on freebies until you score that ideal S-class Capital Ship before paying!

Freighter Fleet Maxes at 30 Frigates

Operating a freighter isn‘t just about cargo slots – it‘s also essential to build your Frigate fleet for profitable expeditions! Once you own a freighter, you can start recruiting Frigates to join your fleet.

The max fleet size is 30 Frigates, which can consist of:

  • Combat Frigates (attack enemies)
  • Exploration Frigates (explore systems)
  • Trade Frigates (earn trade commodities)
  • Industrial Frigates (craft products)
  • Support Frigates (boost other frigates)

Aim for a diverse mix of frigate types to enable varied, rewarding expeditions. Your S-class freighter combined with a 30-ship fleet will let you earn tons of rewards passively!

Teleport and Mobile Base Capabilities

Beyond cargo and frigates, freighters offer other advantages like teleportation and mobile base building.

Freighters gain the ability to teleport – you can teleport back to your freighter from anywhere in the galaxy. Very handy for storing loot while exploring planets far from your starship.

You can also build storage containers, farms, refiners and more anywhere inside your freighter. With 40+ slots, an S-class freighter provides abundant customization and mobile base building potential.

In Summary: Keep Declining for Maximum Reward

Declining the first free freighter is a smart long-term play, since you can keep retrying for that perfect S-class Capital Ship capable of launching lucrative frigate expeditions. A few tips:

  • Decline the first freighter offered until you get an awesome S-class
  • Second freighter will be a Capital Ship if the first one wasn‘t
  • You keep all ships, items, and progress when declining
  • Your freighter base seamlessly transfers between freighters
  • Free offers continue indefinitely until you finally accept

Just be patient, and keep rescueing freighters and declining offers until you score that S-class freighter of your dreams! The wait will pay off.