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What happens if I let Blaidd out in Elden Ring?

If you choose to release Blaidd the Half-Wolf from the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Elden Ring, it sets him on an intricate questline across the Lands Between that ultimately leads to his predetermined fate. Here is a detailed guide on what happens if you free Blaidd and how to proceed with his quest.

Should You Free Blaidd from the Evergaol?

While you can choose to keep Blaidd locked in the Evergaol, he will eventually break free on his own later in Ranni‘s questline. So you might as well release him yourself to get his quest started. The choice is functionally meaningless.

What Happens When You Let Blaidd Out

Upon freeing him, Blaidd tells you he must return to Ranni‘s Rise to ensure she is safe. However, if you go there after releasing him, he will strangely not be present. Freeing Blaidd simply allows his questline to begin – it does not dictate where he actually goes next.

Where to Find Blaidd After Releasing Him

You must progress Ranni the Witch‘s questline further first. After Ranni summons Blaidd herself, he can then be found standing near the dead deer in the Siofra River well area. Speak to him exhaustively here to trigger the next part of his quest.

Progressing Blaidd‘s Questline

Here are the key steps to complete Blaidd‘s questline after freeing him from the Evergaol:

Join Blaidd at Redmane Castle

Blaidd joins you in battle against Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle in Caelid. You can summon him to help fight this difficult boss.

Release Blaidd from the Evergaol Again

After defeating Radahn, Blaidd is once again imprisoned in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. You must free him again to advance his quest.

Meet with Blaidd at Ranni‘s Rise

Upon completing Ranni‘s questline, return to Ranni‘s Rise to find Blaidd for one final encounter. Here he will turn hostile, forcing you to slay him.

Blaidd‘s Tragic Ending Explained

After Ranni abandons the Two Fingers, Blaidd‘s primal instincts take over, driving him mad with an urge to kill her. As her protector, he is cursed to turn against her for defying her fate. You must put down the crazed Blaidd outside her Rise before he can harm Ranni.

Evidence of Blaidd‘s Inevitable Fate

According to lore, Blaidd was created by the Two Fingers to watch over Ranni, but he swore loyalty only to her. This contradiction ultimately seals his tragic fate when Ranni turns against the Two Fingers.

Dialogue Hints at Blaidd‘s True Nature

When you first find Blaidd imprisoned in the Evergaol, his ominous dialogue foreshadows the danger in releasing him. He says: "I prithee play the fool. Some things must remain bound. Pay my words no heed."

Attacks on Sight Due to Primal Instincts

When you return to Ranni‘s Rise at the end of her questline, Blaidd immediately attacks on sight without explanation. He is unable to resist his primal instinct to kill Ranni for her betrayal.

Rewards for Slaying the Crazed Blaidd

After putting down the crazed Blaidd, you will receive his armor set and weapon:

  • Blaidd‘s Armor Set – stylish and high defense for medium weight
  • Blaidd‘s Gauntlets
  • Blaidd‘s Greaves
  • Royal Greatsword – powerful Colossal Sword imbued with gravitas

Unique Blaidd‘s Armor Stats

Blaidd‘s armor provides these stats when fully upgraded:

Physical Defense 52
Vs Strike Defense 35
Vs Slash Defense 42
Vs Pierce Defense 44
Magic Defense 32
Fire Defense 32
Lightning Defense 32
Holy Defense 32

How to Upgrade Blaidd‘s Gear

You can upgrade Blaidd‘s armor and weapon using regular Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones respectively. Take them to Hewg at Roundtable Hold.

Can You Save Blaidd?

Unfortunately, there is no way to spare Blaidd or prevent him from turning hostile when you complete Ranni‘s questline. His fate is predetermined by his creation by the Two Fingers. However, you can just not return to Ranni‘s Rise to end his questline if you wish to keep him alive.

Blaidd‘s Destiny Cannot Be Avoided

No matter what choices you make, Blaidd cannot resist the primal urges placed on him by the Two Fingers once Ranni defies her fate. There is no way to alter his destined end.

Prematurely Killing Blaidd Locks His Rewards

Slaying Blaidd before his questline completes only prevents you from getting his armor and weapon. It does not actually allow you to avoid fighting him.

Leaving Blaidd Alive by Avoiding Ranni‘s Rise

If you want Blaidd to remain friendly, simply do not return to Ranni‘s Rise after completing her quest. This will stop Blaidd‘s questline before his transformation.

So in summary, releasing Blaidd from the Evergaol kicks off his intriguing questline, culminating in a tragic end dictated by his creation. While you can‘t prevent his doomed fate, you can at least obtain his rewards by seeing it through.