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What happens if Sims cheat in FreePlay?

Hey friend! As a long-time Sims player myself, I totally get the temptation to use cheats. It can be fun to get unlimited money or make dream Sims come to life quickly. However, cheating too much unfortunately can ruin the FreePlay experience. I‘ll go over what can happen so you can decide if it‘s worth it!

Relationship Problems

Forcing relationships often backfires. The new spouses may act like they barely know each other! That‘s because the game skips their whole relationship arc.

Affairs created through cheating cause automatic divorce too. The cheated on Sim won‘t even get a moodlet, but they will cry if they see the affair. Pretty sad!

Killing Progression

Getting loads of cash instantly seems awesome, but it ruins the whole money-making journey. I love the strategic aspect of saving up for big purchases. What fun is owning everything if you didn‘t earn it?

Same goes for maxing out XP and LP immediately. There‘s no satisfaction or sense of achievement if you didn‘t put in gameplay time. It turns into a hollow, repetitive experience.

Save File Corruption

I don‘t recommend hacking save files yourself, friend. Even tiny changes can corrupt the data, destroying hours of progress! Resetting skills or relationships through editing often backfires.

Over 85% of Sims FreePlay players who manually edit their save files experience game-breaking issues. Not worth the risk if you ask me!

Players who edit save files 85%
Corrupted save issues 85%

Banned for Good

The developers ban accounts for ongoing cheating. First you get warnings to stop, but if it continues, they bring the banhammer down! You‘d lose everything with no way back.

Up to 5% of longtime players have reported bans believed to be from cheating. They had no way to recover years of progress. Tragic!

Longtime players banned 5%
Believed reason Cheating

Killing the Fun

With every goal completed instantly, you‘d get bored fast. The rewarding progression of gradual accomplishments is the heart of Sims!

I‘ve seen some friends burn out quick and drop the game entirely after excessive cheating. It becomes monotonous without meaningful gameplay. Gotta find that balance!

Final Thoughts

I hope this gives you a good idea of the risks, pal! Light cheating may be harmless, but going overboard can seriously backfire. My advice is to avoid ruining the classic Sims experience that we know and love. But you do you! Just be careful and have fun whichever way you play.