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What Happens if You Don‘t Finish a Quest in Time in Sims Freeplay?

Hey there! As a fellow Sims enthusiast, I know it can be frustrating to miss out on limited-time prizes when you don‘t complete a Special Event quest in time. But don‘t worry, you‘ve got this!

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about managing timed quests and events as a Sims player. I‘ve got tips to help you optimize quest completion, so you can minimize missed prizes. Let‘s dive in!

A Quick Overview

First, a quick rundown on Special Events and timed quests:

  • They offer exclusive prizes only available for a limited time – from a few days up to a couple weeks.
  • Prizes include special decor, furniture, outfits, Sims, buildings, and resources.
  • If the timer ends before you finish the quest, you miss out on those cool prizes!
  • But you can still complete quest steps even after the event ends. And most events eventually rerun.

So the stakes feel high, but just relax and focus on playing at your own pace. You‘ll have more opportunities to earn prizes later.

What Exactly Happens If You Don‘t Finish in Time?

If you don‘t complete a timed quest by the deadline, here‘s a breakdown of what happens:

  • You can no longer earn the special prizes – the ones exclusive to that event. This can be a bummer if it was a coveted limited-edition item!
  • The quest remains unfinished in your log, though you can still view steps.
  • You‘re able to keep working on the quest even after the timer ends.
  • Your gameplay progress is not affected – you don‘t lose anything already unlocked during the event.
  • For short mini-events, the quest itself disappears when time runs out. But you keep any prizes already earned from completed goals.
  • Future reruns of the same event will provide more chances to earn prizes you missed.

The only penalty is missing out on those exclusive timed prizes and goodies. But nothing is permanently locked or lost. And EA brings back most events periodically, giving you another shot.

Examples of Expired Quests

Let‘s look at a few real examples of limited-time quests to see what happens when the timer runs out:

Leisure Event

This event focuses on the new Leisure Island location. Goals reward amenities like juice bars, spas, and special prizes.

If time expires, you keep any Leisure Island features unlocked already. And you can still work on unfinished goals slowly over time if you want.

However, you won‘t earn exclusive prizes like the Juice Bar blueprint or limited-edition lawn furniture. But Leisure Events do rerun in the future to try again.

Pastry Chef Career

This timed quest tied into the new Bakehouse location and Pastry Chef career. Completing goals within 2 weeks awarded baking equipment, pastries, and a career uniform.

If you don‘t finish in time, you still keep the Bakehouse and can pursue the Pastry Chef career. But you permanently miss out on the special bake shop decor and outfit. This quest hasn‘t rerun yet, but the goals remain open to slowly work on.

Pregnancy Event

For this short event, hitting pregnancy milestones earned nursery furniture and bonuses to birth rates and twins chances.

If the event expires, your Sim still gives birth normally. But you lose one-time prizes to speed up and boost future pregnancies. The good news is this event reruns frequently to try again though!

The Guru

The Guru Live Event lets you complete goals with The Guru himself guiding a set of Sims.

If time ran out before finishing the event, you miss out on exclusive prizes like the Mystical Retreat. But you keep The Guru in your town indefinitely! He continues meditating and offering sage wisdom.

Strategic Tips to Finish Events in Time

Now let‘s get into some pro tips and strategies to help you conquer limited-time quests:

Prep Your Resources

Stockpile supplies in advance that you‘ll need in bulk to complete goals quickly, like:

  • Life Essence
  • Crafting materials
  • Construction resources
  • Baked goods or plates of food
  • Flowers, gems, fossils, fish

This preparation makes a huge difference compared to starting from scratch!

Stagger Long Build Times

For construction-related goals, don‘t wait and bottleneck yourself with long build times. Start new builds staggered over multiple real-life days to keep a steady flow of materials coming.

Set Reminders

Use your phone‘s calendar or alarms to remind yourself when to collect time-sensitive quest rewards or start critical goal steps. Don‘t rely solely on in-game timer notifications.

Free Up Your Sims

Ensure you have enough Sims available to work on event goals, without being tied up on other tasks. Temporarily reprioritize away from normal careers and hobbies if needed.

Use Lifestyle Points

Spend Lifestyle Points strategically to instantly finish long actions, rush builds, restock resources, and increase your Sims‘ productivity. This can make a huge time difference!

Save Game Before Critical Goals

For unpredictable goals like relationship levels, save your game before attempts. That way if RNG doesn‘t go your way, you can reload and try again immediately.

Set Timers or Alarms

Use a stopwatch, countdown timer, or alarms to alert yourself when key actions, builds, or wait times will complete. Don‘t lose time through distraction or forgetting.

Focus Your Efforts

Prioritize event goals above all else with all your Sims until complete. You can return to normal hobbies, careers, relationships etc after the event ends.

With some strategic planning and effort, you can conquer even lengthy limited-time quests!

What If You Still Can‘t Finish in Time?

Despite your best efforts, some difficult events may still prove too long to complete in the short timeframe provided. If you won‘t finish in time, here are your options:

Wait Patiently for a Rerun

Since most events do eventually rerun, your best bet is to simply wait it out until the next occurrence. Mark your calendar so you‘re prepared to try again next time.

Purchase Locked Prizes in the Marketplace

Some events offer expired prizes for purchase in the Marketplace shop using Simoleons or Lifestyle Points. The costs are high, but it may be the only way left to obtain coveted items you missed.

Focus on Unlocking Gameplay

Don‘t stress about prizes already expired. Shift your mindset to simply enjoying new gameplay, locations, careers, or features unlocked through the event‘s quest – even if you fall short of some prizes.

Provide Feedback to EA

If players overwhelmingly request the return of expired events and prizes, EA may rerun them faster and more frequently. So don‘t hesitate to share your feedback!

While missing exclusive prizes stings, remember rewards eventually cycle back around. And gameplay features unlocked through events remain forever.

What Happens After Finishing All Normal Quests?

For us devoted long-time Sims Freeplay fans, eventually you may complete every normal quest currently available. Finishing all regular quest lines unlocks the ultimate end-game challenge – the Legacy Quest!

This epic multi-part quest takes around 3 real-life months to achieve all the goals. It incorporates almost all careers, hobbies, relationships, and locations currently in the game.

The monumental rewards include:

  • New areas like Del Sol Valley
  • Exclusive decor and resources
  • Special Sims like butlers
  • A shop to purchase rare supplies
  • The prestigious Dynasty Plaque for your mantel

Think of the Legacy Quest like the final super boss of Sims Freeplay – a capstone for dedicated players who have completed all other content. Finishing it leaves your quest log empty until the next major game update.

So what comes after achieving everything currently possible in the game? Plenty of options to still enjoy this sandbox life sim:

  • Max relationships – Get all your Sims‘ relationships to Level 10 through nonstop socializing.
  • Master careers – Attain Level 10 mastery on all careers by grinding out promotions.
  • Complete collections – Finish all collections like recipes, fossils, insects, fish, etc.
  • Achievement hunt – Earn all possible trophies and achievements.
  • Unique architecture – Build a sprawling mansion, futuristic metropolis, medieval village – let your creativity run wild!
  • Difficult challenges – Impose extra restrictions like limiting Sim lifespan to add extra challenge.

Even with the predefined quests completed, the open-ended life simulation gameplay offers endless potential for fun, creativity, and challenge!

Final Tips for Managing Timed Events

Let‘s wrap up with a summary of key tips:

  • Strategize prep – Plan ahead and stockpile key supplies before events start. Don‘t get caught empty-handed!
  • Stagger builds – Space out long construction times over multiple real-life days to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Use timers/reminders – Set alerts to notify you when time-sensitive actions or steps need attention.
  • Free up Sims – Ensure you have enough Sims available to focus efforts on the event.
  • Spend LPs – Use Lifestyle Points wisely to speed up actions, finish goals quicker, and maximize efficiency.
  • Focus efforts – Make event goals the #1 priority for all Sims until achieved.
  • Wait for reruns – If you still miss prizes, patiently wait for EA to rerun the event again in the future.
  • Have fun! – Don‘t get too caught up on rewards – enjoy the journey and new gameplay unlocked through events.

With the right mindset and preparation, you‘ll minimize missed prizes and master even the toughest limited-time quests with ease. Here‘s to dominating the next Sims Freeplay event! Let me know if you have any other questions.