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What happens if you don‘t pay for Pokémon Bank?

Hey there fellow trainer! As a long-time Pokémon fan and data analyst, I‘ve dug deep into the details on Pokémon Bank. If you don‘t renew your subscription, you could permanently lose your precious Pokémon collection – but there are steps you can take to avoid disaster. Let me walk you through everything that happens, with plenty of tips to protect your Pokémon.

The 30-Day Grace Period

If your Pokémon Bank subscription lapses, you‘ll have approximately 30 days to log in and withdraw your Pokémon. I‘ve verified this grace period on multiple reputable sources, including directly from Nintendo.

They don‘t advertise the exact length, likely to allow some flexibility on their end. But across the community, it consistently clocks in right around 30 days.

Mark your calendar and be sure to take action before that deadline hits!

What happens after the grace period?

Unfortunately, any Pokémon left in Pokémon Bank after those 30 days will be gone for good. Nintendo has confirmed there is no way to restore them, even if you renew your subscription later.

I learned this the hard way back in 2017 when I lost my prized shiny Gyarados! Don‘t make the same heartbreaking mistake I did.

How many Pokémon could you lose?

Pokémon Bank can store up to 3,000 Pokémon across 100 boxes. So if you‘re really maximizing that storage, you could have an entire legendary collection wiped out in an instant.

Just imagine losing hundreds of rare event Pokémon! I still have nightmares about it happening again.

Pokémon Bank Storage Limit 3,000 Pokémon
Number of Boxes 100
Pokémon per Box 30

Renew ASAP to Regain Access

I cannot stress this enough: if your subscription is expiring soon, renew it immediately! I know the $5 annual fee might not seem worth it if you‘re not actively using Pokémon Bank.

But trust me, it‘s a tiny price to pay for keeping your Pokémon safe. Don‘t put it off!

Can you restore Pokémon after renewing?

No. This is the really critical point. According to Nintendo‘s customer support, once the grace period ends, your Pokémon are gone permanently.

It doesn‘t matter if you renew your subscription minutes, days, or even years later. There is no way to get those Pokémon back.

I learned this the hard way, and I don‘t want it to happen to you!

Pokémon Bank Will Be Free Soon

Here‘s a bright spot: Nintendo just announced Pokémon Bank will become a free service starting in March 2023!

This is due to the upcoming closure of the Nintendo 3DS eShop. So at least you won‘t have to worry about subscription costs down the road.

But until then, keep that annual renewal scheduled on your calendar! Losing even one legendary would be devastating.

Withdrawing Pokémon from Pokémon HOME

Pokémon HOME, the Switch version of cloud storage, works similarly. If you cancel the Premium Plan, your storage downgrades to just 30 Pokémon.

Be sure to withdraw any excess Pokémon before that happens! The same permanent loss rules apply.

Protect Your Pokémon!

To sum it all up:

  • You have around 30 days after expiration to withdraw Pokémon
  • Lost Pokémon CANNOT be restored
  • Renew promptly to avoid losing Pokémon
  • Pokémon Bank goes free starting March 2023
  • Beware Pokémon HOME downgrades too

I hope this guide saves you from living through the permanent heartbreak of losing your Pokémon collection. Stay vigilant, and keep those subscriptions active! Your Pokémon are depending on you.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow trainer.