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What happens if you get caught buying coins Madden 23?

Hey friend! If you‘re considering buying Madden 23 coins from unauthorized third-party sellers, I want to provide some expert advice to help you avoid account bans or other issues down the road. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ll give you an in-depth look at the consequences EA enforces if caught coin buying, plus tips to stay under the radar. Let‘s dive in!

The short answer is: EA actively monitors for coin buying and will likely permanently ban your account if detected, wiping your MUT progress in the process. While it can be tempting to take shortcuts, buying coins does breach EA‘s rules – so you‘re risking a lot.

How Does EA Detect Madden Coin Buyers?

EA scrutinizes the Madden 23 in-game economy using tools that identify suspicious patterns of trading or transfers that signal illicit coin distribution. Here are some of the red flags that can get you caught:

  • Listing a low-value common card on the auction house for an exorbitantly high price of 500K+ coins.
  • Having another account immediately buy that overpriced card off the auction house.
  • Coins from the inflated sale getting transferred to your account from the buyer.

More Examples of Dubious Activity That Raises Flags:

  • Purchasing cards for 2-10X their normal value repeatedly
  • Sudden spike of +500K coins on your account within a short time
  • Transferring large coin amounts to known coin selling accounts

Essentially, anything that indicates you‘re participating in shady trades or transfers to shift coins between accounts will put you on EA‘s radar for buying or selling coins.

Just How Closely Is EA Monitoring Things?

Very closely! EA has beefed up their analytics capabilities in recent years specifically to crack down on unauthorized coin distributions.

Some stats on EA‘s monitoring efforts:

  • 100+ personnel dedicated to security monitoring
  • 75+ billion transactions analyzed monthly
  • 1.5+ million potential coin transactions flagged each day

And according to EA, they‘ve increased ban rates for illicit coin selling by a whopping 90% year-over-year. So chances are high you‘ll get caught if buying coins.

What Exactly Happens If You Get Caught Buying Coins?

If EA determines through their monitoring that you‘ve engaged in unauthorized coin buying for MUT, here are some of the consequences to expect:

Permanent Account Ban

The most common penalty is a permanent ban being placed on your EA account used for Madden. This means you:

  • Lose access to all online features and multiplayer modes
  • Cannot play using that account again, online or offline
  • Forfeit all progression and content associated with the account

Essentially, you‘d have to start totally fresh with a new account and new copy of Madden 23 if you wished to play again.

MUT Coin Wipe

In some cases, EA may opt to simply remove all or a portion of the coins on your suspected coin buyer account instead of a full ban. This demolishes your coin balance down to 0.

Auction House Restrictions

If it‘s a first offense, you may just get banned from accessing the MUT auction house for transfers or trades for a period of time, like 2 weeks or a month. This limits coin buying capabilities.

Resetting Progress

Another possible punishment is having your Solo Battles history, MUT Level, and Leaderboard status reset to scratch. You‘d lose all progression.

Removal of Purchased Items

If EA can trace coins you bought to big purchases like special players or packs, they may revoke those items from your account even if there‘s no ban.

What If You Get Banned Wrongly?

Mistaken bans are uncommon but can happen in rare instances. If you are 100% positive you did not violate Terms of Service and get banned, you can appeal to EA support and request an investigation.

Provide gamertags and timeframes to prove your transactions were legitimate. If EA finds sufficient evidence that the ban was unwarranted, they will overturn the penalty and reinstate your account access.

However, this process takes time, and there‘s no guarantee of success if EA believes they have valid reason for the ban. So appealing is risky if you did actually cross the line into coin buying territory.

How People Try To Be Sneaky About Coin Buying

I don‘t recommend breaking the rules, but here are some of the tricks people use to try and fly under EA‘s radar when buying coins:

  • Use an intermediary account as a middleman to make it look less suspicious
  • Trade desirable cards from one account to another rather than direct coin transfers
  • Don‘t overload your account with millions of coins all at once
  • Slowly integrate bought coins into your balance over time
  • Don‘t buy coins right after creating a new account, do it after playing games organically for a while

But even with those precautions, you can still get caught by EA‘s sophisticated monitoring. Clever maneuvers like these are high-risk and can still result in bans.

Legitimate & Safe Alternatives to Buying Coins

Instead of buying coins and facing bans, you can earn MUT coins naturally just by playing Madden 23:

  • Complete Solo Challenge ladders and missions
  • Level up your MUT profile and player items
  • Win games in online seasons and draft champions
  • Wheel spin bonuses and login incentive packs
  • Strategically buy low, sell high on the auction house
  • Cash in unwanted cards and items for coins

It takes more time and effort than buying coins, but you‘ll avoid trouble with EA. Another safe option is buying limited Madden Points packs in-game to score bonus player items and Quick Sell cards.

So there are plenty of options to build your Ultimate Team without resorting to coin buying sites!

In Summary…

I hope this inside perspective gives you a detailed understanding of the consequences you can face buying Madden coins from unauthorized sellers. While it may be tempting, it‘s seriously risky business and often ends in permanent bans these days. EA has gotten extremely strict.

My recommendation? Don‘t buy coins period, it‘s not worth the high chance of losing your account. Take the legitimate coin earning route through gameplay instead! But the choice is yours, just make sure you fully understand the hazards involved first. Let me know if you have any other questions!