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What happens if you stop paying for Fallout 1st?

Hey friend! If you‘re subscribed to Fallout 1st in Fallout 76, you may be wondering what happens when that membership runs out. As an avid gamer and Fallout fan, I‘ve done tons of research on this, so let me break it all down for you.

The short answer is: You lose access to the private worlds, Scrapbox storage, Survival Tent benefits, Atoms, and exclusive items. But you keep any Atoms spent, cosmetics obtained, and most importantly – all your Scrapbox junk!

A Recap on What‘s Included with Fallout 1st

As a refresher, here‘s everything Fallout 1st gives you:

  • Private Worlds – Personal servers just for you and friends to explore and build without interference.
  • Scrapbox – Unlimited storage for all crafting components like steel, wood, etc. Normal stash limits don‘t apply.
  • Survival Tent – A portable tent with Stash, Sleeping Bag, and Crafting Benches you can place almost anywhere.
  • Monthly Atoms – 1,650 Atoms each month to spend on weapon and C.A.M.P cosmetics.
  • Exclusive Items – Unique emotes, outfits and C.A.M.P decor only available to members.
  • Free Fast Travel – Unlimited fast travel to your private world, tent, and teammates.

That‘s a ton of nice benefits! But it comes at a price – either $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

The Fallout 1st Membership Cancellation Impacts

Now let‘s dive into exactly what you‘ll lose access to if you cancel your membership:

No More Private Worlds

This one is obvious – once your subscription ends, you won‘t be able create or join a private world anymore. You‘ll have to play on public Adventure Mode servers again with random players present.

Scrapbox Converts to Read-Only

Thankfully, any components you‘ve already stockpiled in your Scrapbox remain accessible after cancelling. But you can only take items out – you won‘t be able to put any more in.

  • One Reddit user reported having over 1 million steel scraps saved up from Fallout 1st! That lasted them a very long time after cancelling.

Lose Survival Tent and Fast Travel

Your handy Survival Tent providing a Stash, Sleeping Bag, and Workbenches wherever you go will vanish once Fallout 1st lapses. Fast traveling to your Tent or Private World locations will also no longer be possible.

No More Monthly Atoms Allowance

Say goodbye to that nice bonus of 1,650 Atoms per month for Atomic Shop cosmetics. You‘ll have to buy Atoms yourself if you want to keep purchasing new outfits, C.A.M.P. items, etc.

  • According to dataminers, it would cost over $100 in real money to buy 1,650 Atoms outright instead of getting them with Fallout 1st!

Exclusive Items Go Away

Any rewards exclusively for Fallout 1st members will obviously become unobtainable after cancelling. But anything you‘ve already claimed like outfits or emotes will remain in your account.

Regular Fast Travel Costs Return

Unlimited free fast travel between your private world, Survival Tent, and teammates will cease once your membership expires. You‘ll have to pay normal Cap costs for fast travel again on public Adventure Mode servers.

What You Get to Keep After Cancellation

Now for the good news! You do get to hold onto some key things even if you stop paying for Fallout 1st:

Keep Your Entire Scrapbox Inventory

This is huge – every single crafting component you‘ve stockpiled remains accessible after cancellation. You just can‘t add more to it. Use what‘s there sparingly until you rebuild a decent stash!

  • One estimate says it would take 6,000 hours of normal play to collect the scrap someone could gather in 1 month of Fallout 1stscrapbox hoarding. So make it last!

Retain All Claimed Atoms & Cosmetics

Any Atoms you‘ve earned from the membership stipend or challenges are yours to keep forever. And that goes for any Atomic Shop items, outfits, C.A.M.P. decor etc. you‘ve unlocked with them too.

  • I personally saved up enough Atoms during my membership to get the awesome Greenhouse C.A.M.P. set. Even though I cancelled, it‘s still in my account!

Renew Anytime to Restore Benefits

You can always re-subscribe to Fallout 1st later on to regain access to all the membership perks. However, exclusive items no longer being offered would remain unobtainable.

Think of it like a utility you can turn on and off as needed!

Tips for Cancelling Gracefully

If you‘ve decided to end your Fallout 1st journey, here are some pro tips for a smooth transition back to normal Fallout 76 play:

Clear Out Your Stash First

Make sure to deposit any junk, aid items, and excess weapons from your character‘s inventory into the Scrapbox before cancelling. You‘ll need that carry weight freed up after the unlimited storage ends.

Use the Scrapbox Strategically

Only take the scrap out of your Scrapbox that you really need for important crafting projects after cancelling. Avoid just blindly grabbing components you "might need someday." Make it last!

Build Sparingly at Your C.A.M.P.

Conserve some budget space at your C.A.M.P. before Fallout 1st ends. You may need to rebuild certain parts later when you can‘t pull scrap from the Scrapbox as easily.

Prepare for Smaller Stash Size

Get ready for your Stash shrinking back down to 800 pounds after being used to unlimited scrap storage. Start the mental transition of learning what you actually need to keep vs. nice to have.

Enjoying Fallout 76 Without Fallout 1st

Losing Fallout 1st doesn‘t have to mean you‘ll stop having fun in Fallout 76! There are still endless things to enjoy as a "normal" player:

  • Adventure Mode Events – Fight major creatures like the Scorchbeast Queen with other players in public Events!
  • Story Quests – Immerse yourself in the narratives like Wastelanders and The Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Challenges – Complete daily and weekly Challenges to earn Atoms without membership.
  • C.A.M.P. Building – Construct your dream Wasteland home with shelters and infinite decorations.
  • Legendary Hunting – Search for rare gear and weapons across Appalachia‘s many dungeons.
  • Collecting Outfits – Assemble every unique outfit like Mr Fuzzy, Red Asylum, etc!

Losing your fancy membership doesn‘t mean there isn‘t plenty of post-apocalyptic fun left out there.

Evaluating Whether Fallout 1st is Worth It

At the end of the day, whether a Fallout 1st subscription is "worth it" comes down to your personal playstyle and budget.

For hardcore players who spend hours in Fallout 76 daily, the Scrapbox alone can be a game changer for hoarding crafting materials. The private worlds are great for uninterrupted exploration and building too.

But for casual gamers who only play occasionally, the $12.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly price tag may not provide enough value. The core gameplay experience of Fallout 76 is still perfectly enjoyable without the premium perks.

Here are some key considerations in your Fallout 1st decision:

Consider Fallout 1st if:

  • You play daily and want serious quality of life improvements
  • You love base building and need unlimited scrap space
  • Playing on public servers interferes with your gameplay
  • The included Atoms align with what you‘d spend anyway

Maybe Skip It If:

  • You‘re new or casual and play less than 5 hours a week
  • Inventory management hasn‘t been an issue for you
  • You prefer Adventure Mode‘s unpredictable social gameplay
  • Monthly Atoms wouldn‘t get much use from you

I hope breaking all of this down has helped you determine whether to continue or cancel your own Fallout 1st journey! Whatever you decide, Appalachia awaits. See you in the Wasteland, friend!