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What happens if you stop paying for Pokémon HOME?

In short, your Pokémon will be safe but your access becomes limited based on the free account restrictions. Read on as I break down the key differences between free and paid Pokémon HOME subscriptions and walk you through exactly what happens if you let your premium status lapse.

Pokémon HOME Free vs. Premium Subscription Comparison

As a long-time Pokémon collector and battler, I rely on Pokémon HOME for managing my ever-growing roster. Here‘s a quick comparison of what you can do with the free basic plan versus the paid premium subscription:

Feature Basic (Free) Premium
Pokémon Storage Limit 1 Box (30 Pokémon) 200 Boxes (6,000 Pokémon)
Trading Access Limited GTS Full GTS, Room Trades, Wonder Box
Game Transfers Limited All Compatible Games

As you can see, the free plan allows minimal storage and trading, while premium opens up the full breadth of Pokémon HOME‘s capabilities. With over 900 species of Pokémon available as of Generation VIII, premium is almost required for collectors like myself!

Consequences of a Lapsed Pokémon HOME Subscription

I‘ve learned firsthand that staying on top of your Pokémon HOME subscription is crucial. Here‘s what happens if you let it lapse:

Premium to Basic

All Pokémon stored outside of your one available Box become inaccessible. You‘ll still own them, but won‘t be able to withdraw or trade most of your collection! I missed renewing by a week once and had to scramble to regain access to my perfect IV competitive ‘mons.

Basic to Free

This is even more restrictive. You lose the ability to view or manage any stored Pokémon at all! The only option is to purchase a paid HOME plan again to regain access. Don‘t make my mistake of letting this happen with a box full of hard-earned shinies.

The key takeaway is that while your Pokémon data will persist for a period of time, you can‘t do anything with them until you renew your subscription. I advise setting calendar reminders so you don‘t lose access!

Cancelled Subscription – Now What?

If you do opt to cancel Premium entirely, you have a few options:

  • Accept the limitations of Basic and curate a select team of 30 accessible Pokémon.
  • Withdraw all your Pokémon into Switch game cartridges before cancelling.
  • Maintain an active Bank subscription temporarily to hold Pokémon.

My advice is to avoid leaving anything too valuable marooned in inaccessible HOME Boxes! I made this mistake and missed out on using my perfect Tapu Fini for an entire season.

Account Bans – What You Need to Know

As an avid deal-seeker myself, I understand the temptation to use unauthorized tricks to expand HOME features. But account bans are a very real risk, and can result in the permanent loss of all your Pokémon.

My recommendation is to avoid any third-party apps claiming to enhance HOME. The safety of your collection is just not worth the risk! Stick to official games and apps linked to your HOME account.

Parting Thoughts

Hopefully this guide gives you a better understanding of what happens if you stop paying for Pokémon HOME premium services. I‘m happy to answer any other questions you have! Pokémon collecting and training is my passion, so I love helping others navigate HOME subscriptions and features. Let‘s chat anytime about your Pokémon storage and trading needs.