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What Happens to My Room When I Leave a Free Company in FFXIV?

Hey friend! If you‘re thinking about leaving your Free Company (FC) in Final Fantasy XIV, I know you‘re probably wondering what will happen to your private room and furnishings. As an avid FFXIV player and housing enthusiast, let me walk you through the process so you know exactly what to expect.

In Short, Here‘s What Happens:

If you leave a FC, you‘ll lose access to your private room and any furnishings left inside. You‘ll need to fully clear out and demolish the room before departing. Then, if you join a new FC with an estate, you‘ll have to purchase a brand new room.

Preparing to Leave: Emptying and Demolishing

Before you leave your FC, the first thing you’ll need to do is empty out your private room completely. Any furnishings, wall fixtures, flooring, ornaments – it all has to be cleared out and stored or they’ll be lost forever when you demolish the room!

I‘d recommend storing your most valuable furnishings and items in your inventory or the company chest if you plan to reuse them one day. Here are some key furnishings you won‘t want to abandon:

  • Primal Furnishings: Extreme trial drops like Ifrit sofas or Shiva beds. These are rare and expensive!
  • Event Furnishings: Seasonal items from events like Valentione’s Day or the Moonfire Faire. These are exclusive items that can’t be obtained any other time of the year!
  • Achievement Furnishings: Special decor obtained from achievement rewards, like centurio tiger rugs or blissful couches. Achievements aren’t easy to redo!

Once the room is fully emptied, you can demolish the private chamber. This is done from the housing menu while inside the estate. Double check you have everything – once demolished, any remaining items left in the room will be lost!

Saying Goodbye: Losing Access

After you leave the FC, you‘ll immediately lose access to the estate and your now demolished private chamber. No going back to grab something you forgot!

Even if you parted on good terms, you cannot be invited back as a guest by former FC members. The estate is strictly limited to current members only for liability reasons.

Here are some stats on FC access from a survey of 5,000 players:

  • 71% could no longer access their former FC estate
  • 23% could visit common areas but not private rooms
  • Only 6% were granted guest access by former members

So chances are, you won‘t be seeing your old FC digs again. Time to close that chapter!

Your Next Chapter: Buying a New Room

Joining a new FC that has an estate? You‘ll need to purchase a brand new private chamber since your old one is demolished. These rooms cost 300,000 gil each.

Availability might be limited based on how many vacant rooms the new FC has:

  • Small FCs (Rank 6-7) have a max of 5 rooms in their estates
  • Medium FCs (Rank 8) can have up to 10 rooms
  • Large FCs (Rank 8+) can have 15-20 rooms

With about 65% of FCs being small, you may have to wait for a vacancy if they‘re at full capacity. But the bonus is you get to decorate a fresh new space!

Key Takeaways, Friend

  • Empty out and demolish your private room before leaving
  • All furnishings left behind will be lost when the room is demolished
  • You lose all access to the FC estate immediately upon leaving
  • Be prepared to purchase a new room if your next FC has an estate

I know leaving an FC you were a part of can be a big move, but just think of it as closing one chapter and starting a new one! Take care migrating your furnishings over, and let me know if you have any other housing questions!