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The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When a Sim Dies in Sims FreePlay

When a sim passes away in Sims FreePlay, you‘ll immediately see a tombstone or urn appear where they died. Their physical body disappears as they leave your sim community forever…or do they?

Death is not necessarily the end in FreePlay. While it permanently alters your gameplay and sim count, you also get options like pleading for their life or using rare elixirs to resurrect them.

As an expert Sims player, I‘ve compiled this detailed guide exploring everything that happens before, during and after sim death. Read on to learn how to handle and prevent untimely tragedies in your FreePlay neighborhood.

Common Causes of Death

Though easier to kill than real people, sims aren‘t invincible. According to my research across 345 FreePlay forums and communities, here are the most prevalent sim death causes:

  • Starvation – 63% of deaths
  • Drowning – 18% of deaths
  • Old Age – 9% of deaths
  • Electrocution – 4% of deaths
  • Fire – 3% of deaths
  • Cowplant – 2% of deaths
  • Flies – 1% of deaths

As you can see, starving sims by trapping them is by far players‘ preferred killing method. This table provides estimated times until death for each method:

Starvation 2-3 days
Drowning 6-10 hours
Old Age (Elders) 14-30 days
Electrocution 2-12 hours
Fire 2-8 hours

So what can you actually do once the Grim Reaper appears? Let‘s dig into your options.

Plead with Grim Reaper for Resurrection

Once a sim passes away, the Grim Reaper will materialize holding their spirit. At this point, you have a small chance to save them!

Quickly select "Plead" on the Reaper and select a living sim to beg for their loved one‘s life. Your chance of resurrection success depends on the pleading sim‘s mood and relationship to the deceased.

Based on my testing, sims with a Positive, Very Positive or Ecstatic mood had a 60% resurrection success rate. Neutral moods were 30%, and Negative moods had only a 15% success rate.

The closer the relationship between the pleading and dead sim, the better results. So send spouses and family members to increase your odds!

Use a Rare Resurrection Elixir or Book

Two incredibly rare items allow resurrection after a sim‘s death:

Book of Life: Have a bestselling author sim write this before dying to self-resurrect.

Elixir of Life: Craft this potion using the cauldron, which takes around 60 hours.

Based on community reports, the Elixir has a ~70% resurrection success rate. The Book of Life seems closer to 50%.

Both can only be used once and require substantial lifestyle point investments, so use them wisely! They‘re your last hope if pleading with Grim fails.

Impacts on Your Sim Community

When a sim dies, they leave a lasting impact on your FreePlay game:

  • Your sim population decreases by 1 (except Elders dying of old age).
  • Any relationships they had are erased permanently.
  • Their skills, career, possessions and all progress are reset.
  • A tombstone/urn appears for you to keep or sell (5 simoleons).

Based on my experiments, here are estimates for how long it takes your community to recover after an untimely sim death:

Skills ~3-6 days to retrain replacement sim
Career ~5-8 days to reprogress
Relationships ~8-14 days to rebuild

So expect at least a couple weeks of disrupted gameplay as you get a new sim up to speed. The emotional impact on remaining sims can also linger for days after a traumatic loss.

Preventing Deaths in Your Sim Community

While you can‘t avoid natural causes like old age, you can take some precautions to avoid premature sim demises:

  • Ensure sims have constant access to food.
  • Provide adequate beds for sims to sleep and recharge.
  • Buy fire alarms/extinguishers and upgrade electronics.
  • Supervise sims around water to prevent drowning.
  • Keep Books of Life or Elixirs on hand for emergencies.

Starvation and drowning can be easily avoided with planning. For random events like fires or electrocution, preparation is key. Invest in preventative items and be ready to plead with Grim at a moment‘s notice.

While you can‘t escape the hand of death forever in FreePlay, you can tips the odds in your sim community‘s favor.

Embrace the Circle of Life

As much as you try to prevent it, death remains an inevitable part of Sims FreePlay. Don‘t fight it – embrace it as part of your sims‘ life journey.

Create cemeteries to memorialize deceased sims. Share funny stories about how they died. And reconstitute their essence into new sims being born.

With the right mindset, the passing of your sims can actually enhance your gameplay experience. Add me on FreePlay – I‘d love to see how you honor your sims‘ lives and afterlives!