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The Complete Guide to What Happens When Your Amazon Prime Free Trial Expires

The Key Takeaway: Enjoy the Benefits Now, Because They‘ll Disappear

When your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime expires, here‘s the crucial thing to know upfront: your membership and all its included benefits will automatically end.

Unless you sign up for a paid Prime subscription, you‘ll lose access to free shipping, streaming media, discounts, and everything else that came with the trial. Make the most of those perks while they last!

Now let‘s explore the ins and outs of what happens before, during, and after your Prime trial runs out. With the right info, you can maximize the value you get from this free sampling of all things Prime.

An Overview of Amazon Prime Benefits

Before diving into the free trial expiration details, let‘s recap what comes included with an Amazon Prime membership:

  • Free two-day shipping on over 100 million products
  • Free same-day or 1-day delivery in select areas
  • Unlimited streaming of movies, TV, and music with Prime Video and Prime Music
  • Unlimited borrowing of books, magazines, and more with Prime Reading
  • Secure unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
  • Early access to select Lightning Deals and sales
  • 30-minute early access to some Amazon device deals
  • Prime Try Before You Buy for clothing purchases

Based on a March 2022 consumer survey by Numerator, the most popular Prime perks are free shipping (96% of subscribers), followed by Prime Video (69%), discounts (26%), and music streaming (24%).

But all members can enjoy the full suite of benefits, making Prime a very attractive membership program for frequent Amazon shoppers.

Now let‘s get into everything you need to know about what happens leading up to, during, and after your Prime free trial ends…

What Happens Leading Up to End of Prime Free Trial

You‘ll Get Renewal Reminders

As your 30-day free trial nears its end, Amazon will start sending you renewal reminders. This gives you an opportunity to review your membership and decide if you want to continue with a paid subscription.

Expect to see renewal notices via email and when you visit during the trial. Here‘s a peek at what they typically highlight:

  • Your membership renews on [DATE] for $14.99/month or $139/year
  • To cancel, visit "Manage Prime Membership" before renewal
  • If you do nothing, your card on file will be charged

So keep an eye out for these messages from Amazon about your trial winding down.

Consider Downloading Content

During your trial, download any movies, TV shows, music, or Kindle books you may want future access to.

Although you can stream and read Prime content during the trial itself, anything you don‘t download will be inaccessible once the membership ends.

So if you see shows or artists you love, download those videos, albums, and books to your devices before the 30 days are up!

Plan Final Prime Purchases

As the expiration date approaches, think about any Amazon orders you were planning to place. See if you can bump up the timing to take advantage of Prime shipping speeds and discounts while you still can.

According to an NPR article, 96% of Prime members make a purchase on Amazon within the first week of their free trial. So don‘t miss out on fulfilling some shopping needs while you have the perks!

You can even use Prime Try Before You Buy during the trial to order clothing items, try them on at home, and only pay for pieces you keep. This can save you trips to the store.

What Happens During End of Prime Free Trial Period

Membership Will Expire Unless You Renew

Once 30 days have passed since you started your free trial, it will automatically expire and you‘ll revert to being a regular non-Prime Amazon customer.

Your membership and all Prime benefits will terminate unless you sign up for a paid monthly or annual plan before the deadline.

Here are the current Prime membership costs:

Monthly, with auto-renewal $14.99 per month
Annually, with auto-renewal $139 per year (about $11.58 per month)
Monthly for qualifying students $7.49 per month
Monthly with EBT or Medicaid $6.99 per month

So if you want to keep access to all things Prime, you‘ll need to officially convert to a paid subscriber.

You Can Still Use Benefits If You Cancel Early

Interestingly, if you cancel your trial before the 30 days are over, you can continue enjoying Prime benefits until the period officially expires.

For example, say you cancel on day 25. You‘ll still have 5 more days to stream movies, get free shipping, download Kindle books, and take advantage of other inclusions.

So feel free to cancel whenever you‘re ready, but there‘s no penalty for letting the full trial run its course. Continue tapping into those Prime perks right up until the end!

What Happens After Your Prime Free Trial Ends

Once your 30-day free preview officially expires, here‘s what you can expect as a non-Prime member again:

Your Membership Immediately Ends

Right after 11:59pm on the trial expiration date, your Prime membership will terminate. You‘ll receive an email confirmation that your included benefits have ended.

Without a paid plan in place, you‘ll instantly lose access to free and fast shipping, streaming content, discounts, and everything else Prime offered.

You Can Resign Up After 12 Months

The good news is you aren‘t necessarily banned from Prime forever! However, there are restrictions on redeeming future free trials:

  • You can‘t immediately sign up again – only one free trial per 12-month period
  • Creating a new Amazon account gets you a fresh trial, but you‘ll lose your order history and recs
  • Students get a 6-month trial, then pay half-price for Prime after that

So if you canceled but have FOMO, just wait out the year for another chance at a trial. Or bite the bullet and pay to rejoin anytime.

Your Amazon Purchase Experience Will Change

Without Prime speeds and perks, expect to see some key changes when shopping on Amazon:

  • Slower free standard shipping in 5-8 business days typically
  • No more unlimited access to Prime Video, Music, Kindle content, etc.
  • Loss of exclusive Prime-only discounts and deals
  • No 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals and device sales

You can always pay for expedited shipping and media rentals/purchases a la carte. But the Prime experience will be gone.

Maximizing Your Free Trial of Amazon Prime

Hopefully now you know exactly what lies ahead when your Prime trial runs out. Here are some expert tips for making the absolute most of the 30-day membership:

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Don‘t just browse during the trial – be sure to place orders and enjoy expedited shipping at no extra cost!

Plan out purchases you were going to make anyway – electronics, clothes, household items, pet supplies, etc. With Prime, you can get them rapidly with no delivery fees.

Stream and Download Extensively

Since free access to Prime Video, Music, and more will disappear when the trial ends, go nuts with streaming and downloading during this window!

Check out new shows, movies, albums, and books you wouldn‘t normally buy. The media selection is huge, so explore and save your favorites.

Use Amazon Cash Back Sites

One sneaky trick is to go through cashback sites like Rakuten when shopping Amazon. You can earn percentages back on Prime trial purchases. Hey, every bit of savings helps!

Don‘t Miss Out on Exclusive Deals

Keep an eye out for special bargains open only to Prime members. Tap into discounts, coupon availability, and early access to sales.

For example, Prime Day in July offers major deals for subscribers. Hit it up during your trial for the best prices.

Try Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe lets you order clothes to try on at home before you buy. It‘s included with Prime, so take advantage during your trial!

Order a few items, see how they fit, then return whatever you don‘t like for free. You only pay for pieces you keep.

Key Takeaways When Your Prime Free Trial Ends

To recap, here are the key points to remember about what happens when your free trial runs out:

  • Your Prime membership and benefits will automatically stop
  • You can restart Prime after waiting 12 months for a new free trial
  • Make the most of fast shipping, media, and deals before expiration
  • Download any movies, songs, books you want ongoing access to
  • Cancel a couple days early to avoid being charged

Knowing Prime‘s ins and outs takes the surprise out of your free trial ending. Now you can relax and maximize your 30 days of Amazon delights!

Hopefully this detailed guide provides everything you need to know about what happens when your Prime trial membership wraps up. Happy saving!