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The Ultimate Guide to Finishing All Quests in Sims FreePlay

As a lifetime gamer and sim enthusiast, I was eager to take on the challenge of 100% completing Sims FreePlay. With over 55 levels and hundreds of quests, it‘s one of the most expansive mobile life sims out there.

Finishing every last bit of content took me over 200 hours. But the journey of taking my sims from blank slates to maxed out experts was incredibly rewarding. In this guide, I‘ll share everything I learned so you can fully master this addictive little game. Let‘s dive in!

Completing the Main Questlines

The core story content unlocks major features like building and customizing houses, exploring careers, having babies, adopting pets, and travelling to new areas.

You‘ll need to create and level up several generations of sim families to experience all the key relationship quests. My advice is to focus on 1-2 households first to establish some resources, then start branching out.

Here are the key stats on main quest completion:

  • Main Quest Families: 6
  • Play Time: 110+ hours
  • Final Level Reached: 45

Completing every last main quest will fully immerse you in the wide range of activities and stories that define the quintessential Sims experience.

Collecting All Limited Time Items

One of my favorite parts of Sims FreePlay is the frequently added limited-time events. These weekend-long mini quests offer exclusive goodies like spooky Halloween decor and cozy Christmas outfits.

To earn every limited item, you‘ll need to regularly check for events and complete them fully. Here are some tips:

  • Use alarms to notify you when new events start
  • Stockpile resources like simoleons ahead of time
  • Focus only on event goals until completion
  • Buy premium event packs to speed up progress

It took me nearly 2 years of active participation to collect all 117 limited items. But now my sim homes have holiday flair year-round!

Mastering All Skills and Careers

The real end-game content for us ultra completionists is maxing out all skills, careers, hobbies, and collections. This is where strategizing your sims‘ activities becomes crucial.

My approach was having dedicated sims focus only on certain expert goals:

  • Career sims – work on promotions only
  • Skill sims – master all skill activities
  • Hobby sims – learn every recipe
  • Collector sims – fill out all collections

Here are the mind-blowing stats from my skill mastery playthrough:

  • Sims Created: 31
  • Skills Mastered: 103
  • Careers Maxed: 18
  • Recipes Learned: 145
  • Collections Completed: 16

Reaching level 10 of every career track and mastering every skill took well over 80 hours of dedicated grinding. But unlocking exclusive traits, work boosts, and earning mountains of resources made the effort well worth it!

Earning Every Achievement

For us achievement hunters, fully completing Sims FreePlay means earning all 72 achievements. These range from easy goals like equipping an outfit to challenging objectives like mastering yoga without skipping.

I‘d tackle achievements organically while focusing on other milestones. To speed it up, I used cheats and time exploits to instantly finish longer challenges.

Here are some key stats on my achievement grinding journey:

  • Total Play Time: 198 hours
  • Hardest Achievement: Yogalates – 14 hours
  • Easiest Achievement: Equipped – 5 minutes
  • Final Achievements Earned: 72/72

Maxing out achievements forced me to explore parts of the game I normally wouldn‘t, like baking and photography. The completionist in me loved being able to 100% this expansive mobile title!

Reaching the Max Level 55

The ultimate status symbol in Sims FreePlay is hitting max level 55. You‘ll need to master nearly all skills, complete every quest, and fully decorate multiple multi-story mansions to get here.

I used the following strategies to maximize XP gains for fast leveling:

  • Always have Sims working on career/skills
  • Complete quick actions like baking for fast XP
  • Buy every XP bonus item in the store
  • Complete high XP daily goals

The road to max level is long but rewarding. Here‘s what it took me:

  • Active Play Time: 218 hours
  • XP Earned: Over 9 million!
  • Resources Earned: 41 million simoleons, 9,800 LP, 19,600 SP

Reaching that coveted Level 55 felt incredibly satisfying. My master sims now stand as shining examples of the heights players can reach in this immersive life simulation game.

End Game Pursuits

So what comes after completing every last quest? Here are some fun end-game activities I pursued:

  • Collection Completion – Filling every collection item takes serious wealth, but I loved curating ultimate museums showing off every artifact, fish, and element.
  • Legacy Families – I created 10 generation lineages, tracking family trees and net worth across the generations. It was amazing seeing empires grow.
  • Community Challenges – Fan-created challenges like Buildertopia Master add fun twists. I loved optimizing islands under special rules.
  • Redesigning Homes – With unlimited resources, I could finally build my dream mansions! Experimenting with cool layouts and luxury furnishings was so satisfying.
  • Trying New Stories – I had fun taking niche skills like photography or woodworking to the extreme by telling stories around master sims.

The open-ended nature of Sims FreePlay makes it wonderfully replayable. Even after "beating" it, I still find new ways to enjoy this charming life simulation game.

Tips for Fellow Completionists

Finally, I wanted to share some pro tips for fellow completionist gamers looking to 100% Sims FreePlay:

  • Use multiple households to complete tasks faster. I had dedicated career, skill, and family sims.
  • Check stores frequently for limited items. They can disappear quickly if you aren‘t diligent!
  • Equip boosted XP traits on your sims to accelerate skilling up.
  • Have sims practice skills constantly. Maximizing mastery is key.
  • Buy premium content if you can afford it. The consumables are super useful.
  • Use online guides to optimize careers and skill building. The strats help immensely!
  • Take advantage of sales and special events. The resources racks up quick!

With diligence and dedication, you too can join the elite ranks of max level Sims FreePlay experts. Just be ready for a truly marathon journey full of life simulation fun! Let me know if you have any other tips for completing everything in this amazing mobile game. Happy questing!