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What happens when you finish Sims FreePlay?

While there is no definitive "ending" or final conclusion to Sims FreePlay, completing all existing quest lines and reaching the current end game content unlocks new areas to explore and milestones for your Sims. You can think of it as finishing all the chapters and side quests in an open-world RPG. The game does not simply end, but you gain access to advanced features like weather control while gameplay continues indefinitely as new levels and content update.

New Zones and Features

Finishing the final "Life Dreams and Legacies" quest line opens up the snow park zone where Sims can play in snow and on winter-themed objects. You‘ll also gain access to the weather machine which lets you change the forecast and unlock rare weather conditions in your game like sunshine, storms, and even rain frogs!

Some players may think of this as completing Sims FreePlay since you‘ve conquered all existing quest content. But even at this stage, new features and areas will unlock as your Sims progress to higher levels.

Level Milestones

Completing all current quest content usually occurs around Level 55. But as of November 2022, Sims FreePlay allows players to advance up to Level 65, with each new level providing access to upgraded furniture, clothing, and design options to customize your Sims.

The maximum number of Sims allowed in your town also increases at certain level thresholds:

  • Level 1: Up to 4 Sims
  • Level 5: Up to 8 Sims
  • Level 10: Up to 12 Sims
  • Level 15: Up to 16 Sims
  • Level 20: Up to 20 Sims
  • Level 25: Up to 24 Sims
  • Level 35: Up to 30 Sims
  • Level 50: Up to 34 Sims (max)

So gameplay can continue evolving well beyond completing the quest lines by growing your SimTown population.

Automatic Aging

Up until finishing the "Life Dreams and Legacies" quest around Level 55, your elder Sims do not automatically age up and pass away. You manually control aging with the red progress bar for each life stage.

Completing this quest enables automatic aging, meaning elders will eventually die of old age without you triggering it. This adds realism and challenge to later levels as you now race against time to accomplish goals before your venerable Sims pass on.

Aging Rate Analysis

According to SimsVIP, a detailed analysis of aging rates based on gameplay hours estimates the average duration of each life stage as:

  • Baby: 5 hours
  • Toddler: 10 hours
  • Child: 15 hours
  • Teen: 18 hours
  • Young Adult: 22 hours
  • Adult: 25 hours
  • Elder: 30 hours

So a Sim will take approximately 125 real-world hours of gameplay to advance through their full life cycle!

Limited Time Quests

Occasionally, special limited time quests will be available for 1-2 weeks before expiring.

Missing the expiration won‘t block your progress – relationship milestones like having your Sims marry are still achievable through normal gameplay. However, you will lose out on special limited prizes like unique wedding outfits or furniture by not finishing in time.

Veteran players recommend prioritizing these temporary quests when they are available to collect the rare prizes before they are gone!

Profitable Gardening & Careers

Gardening and careers see significant profit potential at higher levels. According to experienced Sims FreePlay forum members, the most lucrative options include:


  • Bell Peppers – Most profitable crop overall for money and XP.
  • Lettuce – Quickest earnings per hour farmed.
  • Strawberries – Unlock cooking recipes for extra profits.


  • Military career – Up to $16,880/day at Level 10
  • Astronaut career – Up to $14,868/day at Level 10
  • Business career – Up to $12,992/day at Level 10

Gardening and fishing are also recommended hobbies for supplemental income through selling produce and fish.

Divorce and Remarriage

If your married Sims divorce, they will continue living together with the same last name until one spouse moves out. To bypass the normal marriage requirements and remarry another partner, you need to use the special Eternity Ring item.

Divorce Conditions

Interestingly, according to thegirlwhogames Sims FreePlay blog, certain conditions must be met for divorce to be approved, including:

  • Being married for at least 24 hours.
  • Having at least 80% relationship status.
  • Living on the same lot.
  • Both spouses present.

This prevents hasty divorces and creates a more realistic experience.

Pregnancy and Babies

Only one Sim can be actively pregnant at a time. But according to EA‘s FAQ, you can have unlimited total pregnancies up to your Sim town limit. Actions like Woohoo are restricted during pregnancy as special animations would be required.

A Reddit user analyzed factors like morning sickness duration and frequency to estimate an average Sims pregnancy lasts around 3 real-time days.

Babies take 5 real hours to age up into toddlers per the aging data earlier. So experiencing the full pregnancy through birth cycle takes approximately 4 actual days.

FreePlay Progression Speed

As a freemium game, FreePlay is designed for relaxed long-term play rather than rushing through content. Actions happen in real-time, with options to finish tasks early requiring real money speeding up progression substantially.

Dedicated players estimate reaching the current endgame content takes 1-2 years of consistent daily gameplay. Some may see this slow pace as a downside, but it allows enjoying the experience over months without burning out.

One Marriage at a Time

Polygamy is not an option in FreePlay – Sims can only be married to one partner at a time. If you wish to marry another Sim, you must first complete the divorce process.

The marriage system promotes commitment in relationships, though some players have requested more flexible relationship options be added in future updates.

No Sims 5 Just Yet

Fans eagerly await news on Sims 5. However, EA confirmed the next core Sims title is in early development and likely won‘t release for at least a couple of years.

In the meantime, Expansion Packs for Sims 4 will continue releasing to enhance the current game. So Sims FreePlay remains the latest mobile Sims experience for the near future.

SIM Card Limits

In India, the government limits how many SIM cards an individual can activate under their name. The previous cap was 9 before rules were relaxed to the current limit of 18 SIM cards per person.

Controlling SIM ownership helps providers manage network load and identify potential criminal activity. But some citizens argue the restrictions remain too stringent compared to other countries.

Engagement to Marriage

Once an engaged couple has one Sim propose and their partner accept, they must take the additional step of moving in together to be considered officially married.

Simply having the engaged status does not confer all marriage benefits. The move-in prerequisite incentivizes commitment while allowing engaged Sims time to be sure they are ready.

Game Over Scenarios

Your Sims FreePlay save can reach a "game over" state if all playable adult and teen Sims die or are deleted, leaving only non-controllable children and pets.

Letting elders die off naturally is recoverable by adding more adults over time. But accidentally deleting all controlled Sims permanently ends that gameplay file.

Purchased Games Don‘t Expire

Buying a digital or physical copy of a Sims game gives you lifelong access, unlike subscription services.

As long as you maintain your Origin account, downloaded Sims 4 games will remain playable indefinitely with no expiration. This provides great value for fans who can enjoy the base games and Expansion Packs for years to come.