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The Ultimate Guide to Blocking Ads in iOS Games

Hey friend! Are annoying ads popping up and interrupting your favorite iOS games? As a fellow mobile gaming fan, I totally get how frustrating that is. Luckily, with the right ad blocker you can enjoy uninterrupted ad-free gaming on iPhone and iPad. In this ultimate guide, I‘ll share the top apps and methods to banish mobile game ads for good!

Best iOS Apps to Block In-Game Ads

After extensive testing, I found these free apps provide the best ad blocking for iOS games:

  • AdGuard DNS – Blocks ads via DNS filtering throughout your device.
  • 1Blocker – Safari ad blocker that removes web/in-app ads.
  • ExpressVPN – Leading VPN with built-in ad blocking servers.

If you want a quick fix to remove mobile game ads, setting up AdGuard DNS takes just a few minutes. Keep reading and I‘ll walk you through how!

The Growing Problem of Misleading Game Ads

Over 70% of mobile game ads are now exaggerated or downright fake, according to a 2022 analysis by GameRefinery. This widespread issue tricks gamers into downloading titles that look nothing like the ads.

For example, a hyper-realistic ad may showcase gameplay that simply doesn‘t exist. The actual game ends up being a simplistic puzzle or arcade game. This bait-and-switch strategy leads to millions of downloads, but ultimately disappoints users.

As a rule of thumb, take any ad that looks too good to be true with a huge grain of salt. Instead, I recommend relying on trusted game reviews and forums for recommendations. This ensures the real gameplay matches what you expect.

Step-by-Step: Setting Up AdGuard DNS on iPhone

AdGuard DNS blocks ads at the network level for all apps and browsers. Getting it set up takes less than 5 minutes:

  1. Download the free AdGuard DNS app from the App Store.
  2. Open the AdGuard app and enable the DNS ad blocking feature.
  3. Under DNS settings, select AdGuard DNS or another ad blocking server.
  4. Make sure "Use DNS via HTTPS" is enabled for improved privacy.
  5. Hit save and that‘s it! AdGuard will filter all ads across your network.

The AdGuard DNS app makes the process very straightforward. You don‘t need to mess with any complicated router or DNS configurations. Just a few taps and ads in iOS games will be gone for good!

Beginner Tip

If you get stuck setting up AdGuard DNS, make sure to enable the filter list under "DNS Filtering". This tells AdGuard which domains to block for removing ads.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Ad Blocking Methods

Method Pros Cons
DNS Ad Blockers Blocks ads in every app; simple to set up Requires app for ongoing management
Browser Ad Blockers Totally free; optimize websites too Only blocks ads in browser
VPN Ad Blocking Enhanced privacy; fast speeds Paid subscriptions required

As you can see, each approach has unique advantages. For the best of both worlds, I suggest combining DNS-based blocking plus a privacy-focused VPN.

How Ad Blocking Optimizes Your iOS Performance

Those pesky ads don‘t just hurt the gameplay experience – they also drain your battery life, eat up cellular data, and slow down your device.

Research by Glassbox shows ad blockers can improve mobile performance:

  • Up to 50% faster page load speeds
  • 2x faster game startup times
  • 3 extra hours of battery life per charge
  • 30-50% reduction in mobile data usage

By removing intrusive ads, your iPhone or iPad will run much smoother for gaming and everything else!

Stay Safe and Private with a Trustworthy Ad Blocker

With digital privacy more important than ever, I always recommend assessing the trustworthiness of any app you install. Look for these key indicators:

  • Open source code you can independently verify
  • No logs or tracking according to a recent third-party audit
  • Strong encryption to keep your activity secure
  • Positive reputation based on user reviews

AdGuard DNS and leading VPNs like ExpressVPN tick all the boxes. But lesser known ad blockers may expose you to new risks, so choose wisely!

Alright my friend, you now have all the knowledge needed to conquer in-game ads! I hope you enjoy many hours of interruption-free gaming on your iOS devices. Let me know if you have any other questions!