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What is a Freeroll Poker Tournament?

A freeroll poker tournament is a poker tournament that has no entry fee or buy-in requirement to play. Players can enter and play for free, with the chance to win real money or other prizes. As an avid poker player myself, I love freerolls as they let me enjoy the thrill of competition without any financial risk! In this guide, I‘ll teach you all about freerolls – what they are, the different types, and how to crush them.

The Basics of Freeroll Tournaments

In a nutshell, a freeroll tournament is a poker tournament that is free to enter. Instead of paying an entry fee or buy-in like a normal tournament, players can join and play for free. These tournaments have prizes, usually cash, awarded to the top finishers just like any other tournament. Freerolls range in size from small contests with just a few dozen players to massive tournaments with thousands of entrants.

While freerolls have no upfront monetary cost to play, they do require an investment of your time. But they give you the chance to win actual money or other prizes without risking any of your own cash. This makes them extremely attractive, especially for newer players looking to dip their toes into tournament poker.

Why Play Freeroll Tournaments?

Here are some of the key benefits freeroll poker tournaments offer:

  • They are completely free to enter – no risk of losing money!
  • Real money and prizes can be won for free
  • Great way for beginners to learn tournament poker
  • Allow you to gain experience without financial risk
  • Provide a fun, challenging form of entertainment
  • Give you a chance to build a poker bankroll from nothing
  • Entry into satellite freerolls can lead to huge tournaments
  • Keeps your poker skills sharp in between regular play

As you can see, freerolls deliver tons of value, especially for those with a limited poker budget. While the prizes may not be as big as major tournaments, there is the appeal of winning cash without any investment on your part.

Types of Freeroll Tournaments

Poker sites offer various types of freerolls for players:

New Player Freerolls – These are exclusively for players who recently signed up for an account on the poker site. They provide a nice incentive for new players to build a bankroll. Prizes are usually between $10-$100.

Deposit Freerolls – These require having made a deposit within a set time period, like the past week or month. They reward players for depositing funds. Prize pools range from $100-$5000.

Premium Freerolls – Only available to players who have a paid membership level on the site, like being a VIP. These have prize pools from $500-$2500 generally.

Guaranteed Prize Pool – These freerolls guarantee a minimum prize amount, no matter how many players enter. This ensures decent sized rewards.

Satellite Freerolls – Rather than cash, satellites award entries into larger buy-in tournaments. Winning a $1000 entry is like winning $1000!

Major Event Freerolls – During big tournament series like the WSOP, poker sites will run huge freerolls awarding packages to live events. These are the most coveted freerolls.

Where to Find the Best Freeroll Tournaments

Based on my extensive experience grinding poker freerolls, here are some of the top poker sites for freerolls:

PokerStars – By far the largest poker site, PokerStars offers an insane number of daily freerolls. They have frequent $1,000 prize pool tournaments open to all players along with new player freerolls.

partypoker – partypoker holds hourly freerolls that run around the clock with prizes from $20-$100 in site currency. They also run weekly $1000 freerolls.

888poker – 888 has some of the most lucrative new player freerolls available, with $500-$8800 in prizes. They also have a daily $1000 freeroll open to all.

Unibet – Here you‘ll find a great mix of small daily freerolls and large monthly ones with guarantee prize pools up to $10,000. – During the World Series of Poker, offers satellites awarding seats into WSOP events, making them enormously valuable.

In general, any major online poker room will offer some freerolls to take advantage of. Be sure to take part in the new player freerolls when signing up for poker sites as well.

Tips for Winning at Freeroll Tournaments

It takes the right strategy and mindset to consistently finish in the money in freeroll poker tournaments. Here are my top tips for freeroll success:

  • Play extremely tight, especially in the early levels. Don‘t get too fancy without a premium hand.
  • Exercise patience. Freerolls can last many hours. Don‘t rush or spew your chips trying to speed things along.
  • Look to apply pressure on short stacks with 10 big blinds or less by raising and shoving into them.
  • Capitalize on any strong hand to build the pot and maximize value.
  • Stay disciplined and stick to proper bankroll management.
  • Take detailed notes on opponents to exploit weak, passive players.
  • Don‘t let frustration or bad beats affect your decision making.

It‘s also important to keep in mind that the player pool in freerolls is generally weaker. Many players treat freerolls as if they are play money games. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

Managing Your Bankroll with Freerolls

Here are some tips on properly managing your bankroll as you build it up through freerolls:

  • Withdraw your winnings. Don‘t leave all your earnings sitting on poker sites.
  • Only risk small portions of your bankroll, 5% or less per event.
  • Drop down limits if you lose a big portion of your roll.
  • Build your roll slowly with consistent small cashes rather than looking for big scores.
  • Have 10-20 buy-ins ready before moving up in stakes.
  • Always keep some roll aside just for playing freerolls.

Proper bankroll management is crucial because freeroll winnings will tend to come through small increments. Don‘t chase losses or gamble rashly trying to build your bankroll too fast. Patience and discipline is required.

Are Freerolls Worth Playing?

While some skilled players avoid freerolls, I firmly believe they are worth playing for most people. Here‘s why:

  • They cost absolutely nothing to play – there is no risk involved!
  • Real money and big prizes can be won
  • Help you gain valuable experience playing tournaments
  • Provide ongoing practice to keep sharpening your skills
  • Satellite freerolls offer huge potential upside
  • Give recreational players exciting competition without spending money
  • Allow you to continually work on leaks and flaws in your game

Freerolls require dedication and patience, but the rewards are certainly there if you regularly cash in them. Just be sure to manage your expectations – freerolls should be viewed as a way to build your skills and bankroll, not get rich quick.

I hope this detailed guide gives you all the tools to start crushing freeroll poker tournaments. Best of luck at the tables! Let me know if you have any other questions.