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The Ultimate Guide to Free For All in Call of Duty

Free-for-All (FFA) is a fast-paced multiplayer game mode where players compete solo against one another. The goal is to finish first by getting the most kills before the score limit is reached. It‘s an all-out deathmatch with no teams – just your skill and reaction speed between you and victory.

As a competitive gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve spent hundreds of hours mastering FFA in various Call of Duty games. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share my expertise to help you excel at FFA. Let‘s dive in!

Core Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, these are the key gameplay elements in CoD FFA:

  • Matches pit 6-8 solo players against each other.
  • First to reach the score limit (usually 30 kills) wins.
  • Quick and unpredictable gameplay with enemies everywhere.
  • No respawn delays – get right back into the fray after dying.
  • Winning requires lightning reaction speeds, map control, and composure under pressure.

Mastering FFA requires honing your situational awareness, aim, positioning, and other FPS fundamentals. I‘ll cover specific tips later in this guide.

Let‘s now see how FFA varies across recent CoD titles.

FFA Overview in Newer Call of Duty Games

FFA features small but important differences between titles:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

  • 8 player FFA matches
  • 30 kill score limit
  • Small and medium sized maps like Shipment, Rust, and Gun Runner

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020)

  • 6 player FFA matches
  • 30 kill score limit
  • Specialist perk system allows multiple perks

Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021)

  • 8 player FFA matches
  • Lower 25 kill score limit
  • Tactical, Assault, and Blitz pacings

Call of Duty: Warzone (2020)

  • 150 player Solos as a pseudo-FFA
  • Last player standing wins
  • Gulag revives

As you can see, the core FFA formula gets modified in interesting ways across titles. Now let‘s see how to build the perfect FFA loadout.

Crafting the Ideal FFA Loadout

Picking the right loadout can make or break your FFA performance. Here are the key elements to consider:

Primary Weapon

For your primary weapon, use a fast-firing SMG or assault rifle suitable for close quarters engagements. Top options include:

  • MP5 – Agile SMG great for flanking
  • PPSH – High fire rate SMG that destroys up close
  • M4A1 – Versatile low-recoil AR for all ranges

I prefer to pair an SMG with Overkill and a long range secondary like a sniper rifle or tactical rifle. This gives flexibility at all ranges.


  • Ghost – Stay hidden from UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors
  • Dead Silence – Quiet movements to flank enemies
  • Tracker – See enemy footstep trails
  • High Alert – Get warned when enemies spot you

Staying off the radar while tracking foes is critical in FFA.


  • Lethal: Bouncing Betties, Claymores, Proximity Mines
  • Tactical: Stims for quick health regeneration

The right mix of stealth, intel, and gear makes you lethal and unpredictable. Now let‘s examine FFA map strategies.

Mastering FFA Maps

Map knowledge is king in any FPS. Here are key things I analyze about each FFA map:

  • Spawn locations – Learn them to control spawns
  • Power positions – Overlook key areas
  • Camping spots – Check corners and windows
  • High traffic zones – Intercept enemies
  • Tight spaces – Win close quarters battles
  • Mounted guns – Use or avoid these focal points

I study spawn patterns extensively to predict enemy locations. Certain maps also have "anchor points" near spawns that let you manipulate where players respawn when killed.

Pace your movement around the map based on this knowledge. I‘ll cover specific strategies next.

Gameplay Strategies and Tips for FFA

Here are my top tips for dominating enemies in FFA:

Patience and Focus

  • Avoid sprinting everywhere – move deliberately
  • Listen for footsteps and gunshots
  • Check your corners and minimap constantly
  • Maintain composure even when dying to campers

Patience minimizes mistakes while amplifying your game sense. Never rage or lose focus!

Spawns and Area Control

  • Learn spawns like the back of your hand
  • Trap enemies by controlling areas near spawn points
  • Avoid camping right on spawn spots

Dominate spawns to rack up easy kills. Just don‘t get too predictable.

Radar Manipulation

  • Silencers hide you from minimap when firing
  • Firing unsilenced grabs attention and bait enemies
  • Distract foes with decoys and distractions

For ultimate stealth, use a suppressed weapon with the Ghost perk.

Combat Fundamentals

  • Clear corners by aiming down sights
  • Use cover and lean mechanics to minimize exposure
  • Disengage when wounded – heal up before re-engaging

Winning gunfights is all about exploiting positioning and psychology. Never take fair fights.

Practice these tips consistently to refine your skills. Now let‘s examine Warzone solo strategies.

Winning Warzone Solos

While Warzone solos isn‘t traditional FFA, you can adapt standard strategies:

  • Use Overkill for two primary weapons
  • Reach high ground downtown in final circles
  • Third party fights from an advantaged position
  • Exploit gas mechanics and masks to flank
  • Loot kills cautiously by securing area first

The higher time-to-kill in Warzone means leveraging positioning and psychology is even more impactful.

Make smart rotations, avoid detection, and engage intelligently to outwit your 149 foes. Patience and strategy pays off!

Final Tips for FFA

Here are a few final tips to recap:

  • Learn maps, especially spawns, inside and out
  • Use stealthy loadouts and move deliberately
  • Check corners, listen for footsteps, and watch the minimap
  • Engage enemies tactically – control positioning and psychology
  • Stay composed – ignore campers and frustration

Oh, and most importantly…have fun! FFA is fast-paced chaos, so don‘t forget to enjoy yourself.

Follow these tips and you‘ll be demolishing the competition in no time. Now grab your favorite weapon and start slaying! Good luck!